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Deputy Mayor LaSalle (Character)
from The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)

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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: All right, Al. You've heard from the Three Wise Men. Now what do you say?
Mayor: What are THEY going to say, Warren?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: "They" who?
Mayor: Who? Everybody - the press, the man on the street.
Mayor's wife: He means the voters.
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: You know what they're going to say. The Times is going to support you. The News is going to knock you. The Post will take both sides at the same time. The rich will support you, likewise the blacks, and the Puerto Ricans won't give a shit. So come on, Al, quit stalling!
Mayor: Will you stop bullying everybody, Warren? This is supposed to be a democracy!
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Wise up, for chrissake, we're trying to run a city, not a goddamn democracy! Al, quit farting around - we've got to pay!
Mayor: Jessie, Jessie, what do you say?
Mayor's wife: I know a million dollars sounds like a lot of money. But just think what you'll get in return.
Mayor: What?
Mayor's wife: Eighteen sure votes.
Mayor: All right, all right. Warren, Warren, arrange for the payoff!
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Hallelujah.

Mayor: Warren, suppose the hijackers start shooting at me?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Will you stop? They have no reason to shoot at you.
Mayor: Why - do you think they're from out of town?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Get dressed, Al. I'll do the jokes.

Mayor: Warren, I've thought it over. I know what we're going to do.
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: You tell me.
Mayor: We're going to let 'em keep the goddamn subway train. Hell, we've got plenty of them; we'll never even miss it.
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: How about the 18 hostages, Al? Are we going to miss them?
Mayor: Warren, goddammit, this city hasn't got a million dollars!
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Then you better empty out one of your Swiss bank accounts because there's no other way out.
Mayor: Don't we get even to think about it?
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: There's no time.
Mayor: All right. I still want the full picture. Get me the police commissioner, the chairman of the Transit Authority, and that putz we've got for a Comptroller.
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: They're on their way over. But it's no good running to them, Al. You're the man. The buck stops with you.
Mayor: Oh, shit!
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: God help us.
Mayor: Shit! Piss! Fuck!

Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: Hallelujah! Alright, fellas, you heard him. Phil, pass the word to the bad guys that we're coughing up. Sid, what bank do we do the most business with?
Transit Authority Chairman: City National Trust. I'll give them a call.
Deputy Mayor Warren LaSalle: I'll call. You'll take an hour trying to knock down the interest rate.