Police Lt. Zachary Garber
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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
Correll: Christ, to hear you plead with that chickenshit makes me ashamed to be an American.
Lt. Garber: Go away, will you, Frank? Go play with your trains.

Correll: Don't bug me, Garber. I've got problems.
Lt. Garber: Oh, yeah? What's the matter?
Correll: Oh, nothing: a train is down, its radio's dead, the power's off, and it's dumped its load. Aside from that, everything's ginger peachy.

Lt. Rico Patrone: What's up, Z?
Lt. Garber: You won't believe it.
Lt. Rico Patrone: You know me, I'll believe anything.
Lt. Garber: A train has been hijacked.
Lt. Rico Patrone: I don't believe it.

Lt. Rico Patrone: Wait a minute. I just figured out how they're going to get away.
Lt. Garber: I'm listening.
Lt. Rico Patrone: They're going to fly the train to Cuba.
Lt. Garber: You're a sick man, Rico.

Lt. Garber: [identifying himself as they drive up to the toll booth to question the attendant] Transit Authority.
Toll Booth Officer: Still gotta pay.
Lt. Garber: Hey, your name is Lattimer?
Toll Booth Officer: What about it?
Lt. Garber: Well, just answer a question, would you please, fella?
Toll Booth Officer: Look, I don't work for you guys anymore. You don't get shit from me.
Lt. Garber: Hey, can you account for your whereabouts today, Mr. Lattimer?
Toll Booth Officer: Are you trying to connect me with that hijacking? Forget it! I've been here since 2:30 this afternoon.
Lt. Garber: You sure?
Toll Booth Officer: Sure? Ask anybody.
Lt. Garber: Don't worry, we will.
[they start to drive away]
Toll Booth Officer: Hold it! It's still gonna be 50 cents.

Lt. Garber: Rico, you want to make yourself useful? Get personnel and tell them to get together a list of all motormen discharged for cause during the past five to ten years.
Lt. Rico Patrone: What are you looking for?
Lt. Garber: Somebody down there knows how to drive a train. You don't pick that up watching Sesame Street. Tell them we want it today.

Lt. Garber: Did you get that list of motormen who were discharged for cause I asked you to get?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah - 78 names.
Lt. Garber: Seventy-eight?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah, but it's not that bad. Eight are dead, 22 were rehired, eleven are in jail, 26 moved away, one's in a mental institution, and another's a member of the New York Police Department.
Lt. Garber: That's our man right there.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Sorry to disappoint you, Zachary, but he was accounted for.

Lt. Garber: Inspector, that short move they made between 28th Street and 17th Street - why did they do that?
Inspector Daniels: I don't know.
Lt. Garber: Suppose they wanted to do something they didn't want anybody else to know about?
Inspector Daniels: Like what?
Lt. Garber: Like jumping off the train! Turn around, Inspector, we're going back to 17th Street.
Inspector Daniels: Like hell we are!
Lt. Garber: They are not on the train. I'm sure of it!
Inspector Daniels: Look, Garber, I suggested that in the first place and you shot me down. Something about a dead man's feature?
Lt. Garber: But they figured out how to beat that! That's their plan! That's what they started with!
Inspector Daniels: [to his driver] Turn this thing around and burn rubber.

Inspector Daniels: You better be right about this, Garber.
Lt. Garber: Well, even if I am, it's probably too late.

Correll: Boy, I never thought I'd see the day when talking to murderers took priority over running a railroad.
Lt. Garber: Get off it, will you, Frank? My only priority is saving the lives of these passengers.
Correll: Screw the goddamn passengers! What the hell did they expect for their lousy 35 cents - to live forever?
Lt. Garber: Oh, you're beautiful.
Lt. Garber: [into mic] Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?
Correll: If I was running things, I'd go in there with guns and tear gas and blast them out.
Lt. Garber: Yeah, well you're not running things, so why don't you start doing your own work and let the police do theirs, huh?
Correll: Like that lily-livered cop on the train, huh? When the hell's he going to start shooting?
Lt. Garber: We don't even know if it *is* a he.
Lt. Garber: [into mic] Do you read me, Pelham One Two Three?
Correll: Women cops - what the hell good are they? Probably can't even find her gun in her goddamn purse!

Lt. Garber: [looking for the inspector] Inspector Daniels?
Inspector Daniels: [identifying himself] Daniels.
Lt. Garber: [realizing DCI Daniels is African-American] Oh, I, uh, thought you were, uh, like a shorter guy or - I don't know what I thought.

Lt. Garber: Hey, Frank, you know who went down to 28th Street from Grand Central?
Correll: Yeah, Caz Dolowicz. Why?
Lt. Garber: Sheesh. I knew him.
Correll: What do you mean, you "knew" him?
Lt. Garber: They just shot him.
Correll: Dead?
[Garber nods]
Correll: Caz? Fat Caz?
Lt. Garber: Yep.
Correll: Awwww, shit!

Lt. Garber: Frank, how much longer before the track's clear all the way to South Ferry?
Correll: You mean before this railroad is so totally fucked up it'll take a computer to put it back together?
Lt. Garber: Yes, Frank, that's what I meant.
Correll: About five or six minutes. I got a snag over at Brooklyn Bridge.

Inspector Daniels: Garber, I just had a terrible thought: suppose they're not on the train? What if they set the throttle and jumped off? While we're chasing the train, they're sneaking out of an emergency exit somewhere behind us.
Lt. Garber: Ingenious thought, sir, except for one thing: it's impossible.
Inspector Daniels: Why?
Lt. Garber: Little gizmo known as a dead man's feature. It was built into the controller handle in case a motorman should ever drop dead. The controller handle has to have a man's hand pressing down on it hard at all times. Otherwise, the thing don't work. The train stops cold.
Inspector Daniels: Uh-huh. I see.
Lt. Garber: Nice try, though.

Mr. Blue: Excuse me, do you people still execute in this state?
Lt. Garber: What? Oh, execute. No, not at the moment.
Mr. Blue: Pity.
[he then steps on the third rail and electrocutes himself]

[last lines]
Mr. Green: Look, I got my rights! This is my home! I just want a little peace and quiet. Now just do me a favor, willya? Get the hell out of here!
Lt. Garber: Sorry if we bothered you, Mr. Longman. C'mon, Rico.
[Mr. Green sneezes]
Lt. Garber: Gesundheit.
[beat, then Garber reopens the door to glare suspiciously at Mr. Green]

Lt. Garber: These are the assignment desks, one for each of the lines. This is the BMT, the IRT. Here's the IND. There's our artist in residence. And right through here's our operations lieutenant, Enrico Patrone, who on weekends works for the mafia.

Correll: I don't give a rat's ass for your fucking instructions. I'm not lifting a finger to help the killers of Caz Dolowicz.
Correll: [Grabbed by the shirt by Lt.Garber] Hey, Jesus!
Lt. Garber: Now you listen to me, you dumb son of a bitch. You don't do what I tell you, you'll be having *dinner* tonight with Caz Dolowicz!

Lt. Garber: Rico, she's moving.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Who's moving?
Lt. Garber: Who do you think? Pelham!

Lt. Garber: Inspector Daniels? She's moving, sir.
Inspector Daniels: Who's moving?
Lt. Garber: What's the matter with everybody? How many hijacked trains have we got around here, anyway?

Lt. Garber: [after talking to Mr Blue on the radio] The guy who's talking's got a heavy English accent. He could be a fruitcake.

Mr. Blue: It is 2:24, Lieutenant, you've got forty-nine minutes.
Lt. Garber: Be reasonable, will you? We're trying to cooperate with you but we can't do anything if you don't give us enough time to work with.
Mr. Blue: Forty-nine minutes.
Lt. Garber: We're dealing with City Hall, for God's sake, you know what a mess of red tape that is?
Mr. Blue: Forty-nine minutes.
Lt. Garber: Look, fella, we know how to tell time as well as you do, but we're not gonna get anywhere if all you do is repeat forty-nine minutes!
Mr. Blue: Forty-*eight* minutes.
Lt. Garber: Yeah, all right, we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
[after shutting off the mic]
Lt. Garber: Son of a bitch.

Lt. Garber: [Speaking to the wounded male undercover officer with long hair, face down on the tracks] We'll have an ambulance here in no time, miss.

[repeated line]
Lt. Garber: [to Mr. Green after he sneezes] Gesundheit.

Mrs. Jenkins: Grand Central Tower calling Command Center.
Lt. Garber: Yeah, this is Command Center.
Mrs. Jenkins: She's moving.
Lt. Garber: Who's moving?
Mrs. Jenkins: Pelham One Two Three.
Lt. Garber: What? Since when?
Mrs. Jenkins: Just started.
Lt. Garber: Hold on, I'll put you on tie in.
Lt. Garber: Rico, she's moving.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Who's moving?
Lt. Garber: Who do ya think? Pelham.
Lt. Rico Patrone: It's too soon, we're not set up yet.
Lt. Garber: Which is probably why they did it. You heard from Daniels yet?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah, he's in a squad car on Park Avenue South.
Lt. Garber: Inspector Daniels, she's moving, sir.
Inspector Daniels: Who's moving?
Lt. Garber: What's the matter with everybody? How many hijacked trains we got around here, anyway?

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 (2009)
Ryder: You know we all owe God a debt... and I'm a man who pays his debts. Are you a man who pays his debts?
Walter Garber: Yeah, yeah, sure... TV, cable, uh and my mortgage. That's a little like dying once a month.
Ryder: Oh, you're married... you're a married man?
Walter Garber: Maybe.
Ryder: Oh, no... you're married, man. Married men have mortgages.

Walter Garber: Well, I can tell you that you are dealing with one of the old-time bureaucracy, I know that. I mean, it takes time.
Ryder: Well you'd better fix the bureaucracy. Because when the time comes, these motherfuckers, these out there, are gonna go real quick.

Ryder: Do you know what I'm looking at? Do you know what I'm looking at?
Walter Garber: No, I do not.
Ryder: Ok, well first there's my gun... and at the end of my gun, what's your name man?
George: George, everyone calls me Geo.
Ryder: George, his friends call him Geo. He's got this kinda eighties skateboard thing going on... he makes it work, but it's not gonna look to good in his casket.

Walter Garber: What's her name?
Ryder: Lavitca, she was Lithuanian... she was an ASS-model.
Walter Garber: She asked you what?
Ryder: You heard of hand-models, right? Advertisements?
Walter Garber: Right.
Ryder: She was an ass-model... she did jeans and uh you know, magazines and shit. Anyway, it was fashion week in New York and uh... I took her to Iceland.
Walter Garber: Lavitca, Lithuanian, Ass model, Iceland, you took her to the ice...
Ryder: So, for five-hundred bucks they'll take you on a dog-sled ride on a glacier.
Walter Garber: Dog-sled?
Ryder: Yeah... and you know that whole saying that if you're not the lead dog, the view never changes?
Walter Garber: Right, otherwise you're always looking at the asshole of the dog in front of you.
Ryder: That'll be funny in a minute when I get to that part.
Walter Garber: It's funny now.
Ryder: [next scene] And it's eight in the morning, we haven't been to bed yet... and we're tooling across this glacier and I got this hangover that's creeping up the back of my neck... and guess what I'm looking at?
Walter Garber: You're obviously you're staring at... the ass of the dog in front of you.
Ryder: You got it! So this dog... out of nowhere just lifts his hind-legs up and puts them in the, you know the harness there... and just takes a shit, while he's running on his front paws. So he's dumping and running, all at the same time... now that's multi-fucking-tasking if you ask me.
Walter Garber: Get outta here, did it hit you?
Ryder: Shit always hits you man.
[next scene]
Ryder: I didn't know it at the time, but it was profound.
Walter Garber: Profound?
Ryder: Yeah.
Walter Garber: Why? Uh, you lost me.
Ryder: Well, you know uh... when I went to prison later on, what you called. Uh, I had trouble going to the toilet... you know, a privacy thing. And I... couldn't take a shit. I was scared shitless... literally. So, you know what I thought of?
Walter Garber: You thought of the dog.
Ryder: That's right... I thought of that dog. If it could do what it needed to do... so could I. It saved my fucking live.
Walter Garber: Wow, that is profound.

Ryder: Ok... now somebody else has to die. Two people, maybe all of us! Did you hear me?
Walter Garber: I heard you, but you gotta understand that the circumstances they're different now for you. You gotta rethink this, you... you gotta adapt.
Ryder: No, I gave you instructions and you know the consequences.
Walter Garber: I mean don't you have a plan B?
Ryder: No, plan B is enforcing plan A... and the minute you stop believing me mother fucker, that's it!

Police Captain Hill: So, who the hell did you fuck to get this job?
Walter Garber: Myself... was easier than it looked.
Police Captain Hill: Yeah... fucking yourself always is.

Camonetti: Listen, don't let this guy bring you to his reality. 'Cause that's what he wants to do... he hurts you, you're gonna get angry. He's got the advantage, understand?
Walter Garber: Yeah.
Camonetti: Just deflect.

Ryder: Garber! When you put your socks on this morning, did you ever think...? Turn around, let them frisk you. I was worried about you... I thought maybe you'd get lost but then I remembered you were a motorman, so... these tunnels don't change much, do they?
Walter Garber: Just the people in 'em.

Walter Garber: You got it, you got it... any other demands?
Ryder: Yeah, well no fucking pizza delivery man.
Walter Garber: No, I mean are you guys like... are you terrorists?
Ryder: Do I sound like a terrorist? Do I terrorize you?
Walter Garber: Actually you don't, but not that I've ever talked to one. So, so... what, this is just about money?
Ryder: Oh, is there anything else?
Walter Garber: There's not dying.
Ryder: Yeah, well you know you live, you die, you either go with the current or you fight it. We all end up at the same place.
Walter Garber: Where's that, Jersey?
Ryder: Yeah, you watch it I was born there man.
Walter Garber: You know I'm just saying, you know you're up in a motorman's cab... so that means you know you're on the radio, which means that you're an easy target. You gotta know the drill.
Ryder: Yeah, I know that soon I won't be alone and If I'm the first to get shot... I'm the first of many to get shot.
Walter Garber: That's correct, but then you'd still be dead.
Ryder: Dead is an improvement on a lot of things I can think of, buddy boy.
Supervisor: Sounds like he slept with my ex.

Ryder: Well, I got faith in you man... but I gotta ask you one question. You know that thing when you told your wife about the 35K, how did she react?
Walter Garber: Look, we gotta talk about...
Ryder: No, don't be sensitive.
Walter Garber: I'm not being sensitive.
Ryder: Well, did she freak out or what?
Walter Garber: She... wasn't happy, but she understood.
Ryder: Well, that's love right?
Walter Garber: No, that's marriage... that's another thing.

Ryder: I talked to God.
Walter Garber: That's good, what did he say?
Ryder: He said I should trust in Him, all others pay cash. How soon can you get it down here?

Ryder: Now you understand commodities, don't you? You know, pork bellies, gold, light crude.
Walter Garber: Listen. No disrespect, but maybe I'm not the guy you should be talking to.
Ryder: Oh no, you are exactly the guy I wanna talk to. Now I want you to look at the ticker and I want you to tell me what is the going rate for a New York City hostage today. You think a million dollars is too much? I do. I think it's corny. Now get your calculator out. You got one?
Ryder: [Garber hesitates] Do you have a calculator?
Walter Garber: Yeah, we got one. I got one.
Ryder: Okay, good. Now add this up. You got $526,315.79. That's $526,315.79 Now times that by 19. What do you get?
Walter Garber: [looks at calculator] That's $10 million?
Ryder: What do you get?
Walter Garber: That comes out to $10 million plus 1 cent.
Ryder: Oh that is a deal. Now I want you to call the mayor and tell him the price. And then you tell him I want it in 100,000 $100 dollar bills. You got that?
Walter Garber: Okay I got that. What about the 1 cent?
Ryder: Well you keep that 1 cent. It's your broker fee.

Ryder: This make you feel better, Garber? That make everything okay now?
Walter Garber: No, but it's a start.