Police Lt. Rico Patrone
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The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)
Lt. Rico Patrone: Even great men have to pee.

Lt. Rico Patrone: We had a bomb scare in the Bronx yesterday, but it turned out to be a cantaloupe.

Lt. Rico Patrone: What's up, Z?
Lt. Garber: You won't believe it.
Lt. Rico Patrone: You know me, I'll believe anything.
Lt. Garber: A train has been hijacked.
Lt. Rico Patrone: I don't believe it.

Lt. Rico Patrone: Wait a minute. I just figured out how they're going to get away.
Lt. Garber: I'm listening.
Lt. Rico Patrone: They're going to fly the train to Cuba.
Lt. Garber: You're a sick man, Rico.

Lt. Garber: Rico, you want to make yourself useful? Get personnel and tell them to get together a list of all motormen discharged for cause during the past five to ten years.
Lt. Rico Patrone: What are you looking for?
Lt. Garber: Somebody down there knows how to drive a train. You don't pick that up watching Sesame Street. Tell them we want it today.

Lt. Garber: Did you get that list of motormen who were discharged for cause I asked you to get?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah - 78 names.
Lt. Garber: Seventy-eight?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Yeah, but it's not that bad. Eight are dead, 22 were rehired, eleven are in jail, 26 moved away, one's in a mental institution, and another's a member of the New York Police Department.
Lt. Garber: That's our man right there.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Sorry to disappoint you, Zachary, but he was accounted for.

Lt. Rico Patrone: This is Lieutenant Patrone, Operations... Where are you now?
Patrolman James: 28th Street southbound... Hey look, Lieutenant, everything cooled out, I mean nothing happening... Now what's going on?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Look, don't react to this, but a train's been hijacked!
Patrolman James: Holy shit!
Lt. Rico Patrone: For God's sake, don't say anything!

Lt. Garber: Rico, she's moving.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Who's moving?
Lt. Garber: Who do you think? Pelham!

Patrolman James: [reporting a shooting over the radio] They just shot him with a machine gun.
Lt. Rico Patrone: Is he dead?
Patrolman James: Wouldn't *you* be, Lieutenant?

Mr. Blue: [over the phone] What happed to Garber?
Lt. Rico Patrone: Even great men have to pee.