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Quotes for
Phil (Character)
from Hurlyburly (1998)

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Hurlyburly (1998)
Phil: Hey, if my karma's to whack people when they do some fuckin' irrelevant thing... fuck it!
Mickey: Absolutely right Phil, fuck destiny, fate, all metaphysical stuff. Fuck it!

Eddie: She doesn't have to have one now.
Phil: I tried telling her that, Eddie! I told her, I've got three kids in Toledo, I don't even know how old they are! I haven't seen 'em since I went to prison. I don't want any more kids rolling around their beds at night with this sick, fuckin' hatred of me. I can't stand it.

Artie: He's got this thing.
Phil: It's a vibrator I carry around with me.
Mickey: You carry a vibrator around with you?
Phil: Yeah. As a form of come-on. So the girls can see I'm up for anything right away. Sometimes as a sort of, uh, mood-setter I turn it on. But, uh, today there was, uh, extenuating circumstances.
Artie: You forgot about the weights.
Phil: Yeah.
Artie: He forgot about the weights.
Mickey: You forgot about the weights?
Phil: Yeah. Forgot about the weights. Unbelievable.
Mickey: Unbelievable! You forgot about the weights?
Eddie: Do you know what he's talking about?
Mickey: No, I have no idea what he's talking about.
Phil: You prick, you disgust me.

Phil: Relent, I beg you!

Phil: [to Eddie, regarding Mickey] You know, he could choke on his own spit. You know that? I would feel nothing. No, no. I would feel glee.

Artie: [Holding a baby girl] Damn.
Phil: What happened?
Artie: Well, she's a... She's a broad already, Phil. She's done everything that every other broad done. She had a dump on me.