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Harry Booth (Character)
from The Black Hole (1979)

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The Black Hole (1979)
Kate McCrae: Alex, I will not have you throw your life away for this!
Dr. Alex Durant: He can do it, Kate. I know he can.
Kate McCrae: Oh, God, Alex!
Dr. Alex Durant: There's an entirely different universe beyond that black hole. A point where time and space as we know it no longer exists. We will be the first to see it, to explore it, to experience it!
[Inside the Palomino]
Harry Booth: Damn it all, Dan! If we wait for Alex, we may be too late! Don't you see? He's hypnotized by that man!
Captain Dan Holland: V.I.N.CENT!
V.I.N.CENT: Yes, Captain?
Captain Dan Holland: Tell Kate I want her back here fast, with or without Alex. Tell her why.

Harry Booth: If Reinhart has anti-gravity strong enough to hold us here, I figure he's got enough to pull away.
Lieutenant Charles Pizer: So?
Harry Booth: So? So why not take this ship and Reinhart back home?
Captain Dan Holland: That's a long shot you're talking, Harry.
Harry Booth: Oh, come on! You've got two scientific wizards here who could figure out the computers and possibly even reprogram the robots. And the three of us can handle Reinhart and that pet monster of his. I tell ya... we could all be heroes.
Captain Dan Holland: We could also be dead.

Harry Booth: No sense leaving the story of a lifetime untold, Captain.
Captain Dan Holland: I'm afraid there is, Harry.
[pointing to the black hole]
Captain Dan Holland: And it's staring straight at us right now.

[Outside the Palimino's docking area, B.O.B. and V.I.N.CENT brief Charlie, Captain Holland and Harry about the real story regarding the Cygnus]
B.O.B.: The officer the men trusted most was Frank McCrae.
Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Kate's father.
B.O.B.: They turned to him when Dr. Reinhardt ignored the orders to return home. He tried to take control of the Cygnus. Reinhardt called it mutiny and killed Mr. McCrae.
Captain Dan Holland: What became of the crew?
B.O.B.: They were captured by the sentry robots and are still on board.
Harry Booth: What?
Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Where?
B.O.B.: In the command tower, and the power center.
V.I.N.CENT: *Robots*, Mr. Pizer. *Humanoid* robots!
B.O.B.: The most valuable thing in the universe, intelligent life, means nothing to Dr. Reinhardt. Without their wills, the crew became things he could command.
Captain Dan Holland: That explains the funeral.
Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Right!
Captain Dan Holland: [looks to Harry] And the limping robot you spotted.
Harry Booth: [turns B.O.B. around to face him] Do you mean to tell me that there is actually a human *body* under that clothing?
B.O.B.: Exactly, Mr. Booth.
Captain Dan Holland: We can't just take off and leave these poor devils behind. Harry, looks like we're going to have to try your plan.
Harry Booth: What? And end up just like the rest of the crew? Why, if they couldn't pull it off, what chance do *we* have?
B.O.B.: Cap'n, the damage is irreversable. Death is their *only* release.
Harry Booth: That's right! For God's sakes, Dan! We can't take on that mechanical army!
V.I.N.CENT: Captain, I was forced to destroy two sentry robots. The others are searching *now*. If they're found...
Captain Dan Holland: Gotcha, V.I.N.CENT. Charlie, start the countdown.
Lieutenant Charles Pizer: Right!
Captain Dan Holland: V.I.N.CENT, tell Kate I want her and Alex back here on the double!
V.I.N.CENT: [the little robot turns to the camera. We see his eyballs glowing; he is communicating via ESP with Kate]