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Dr. Wallace Wrightwood (Character)
from Harry and the Hendersons (1987)

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Harry and the Hendersons (1987)
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: I'm gonna say this once. 'Gonna say it simple. And I hope to God for your sakes you all listen. There are no Abominable Snowmen. There are so Sasquatches. There are no Bigfeet!
[the family begins to giggle. Unbeknownst to Wrightwood, Harry is standing right behind him]
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Am I missing something?

Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: So what you're saying is you would be willing, excuse me, Jack would be willing to take in this creature and care for it and love it like a pet?
George Henderson: No, like a member of the family.

George Henderson: I know what I'm talking about.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: And I know it's closing time, so if you wanna talk shop, THEN SHOP!

Sarah Henderson: Where's the roast?
George Henderson: I'll go get it.
Nancy Henderson: The roast is resting in a shallow unmarked grave in the backyard.
George Henderson: Oh. Well, there's plenty of other stuff.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Are you vegetarians?
George Henderson: Sometimes. It depends on the guest.

Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: You've seen hundreds, thousands of pigeons, right?
George Henderson: Of course.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? Well, neither have I. I got a hunch they exist.

Jacques LaFleur: We both spent our whole lives chasing after that beast and we both had to stare at ourselves in the mirror every morning and keep repeating, "I am not a fool. I am not a fool." Only you finally BLUNK.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: I finally opened my eyes.
Jacques LaFleur: [climbs in his truck] We'll find out soon enough.
[drives away]
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Go for it, Jacques-o! Raise a ruckus. God knows I can use the business.

George Henderson: I have a friend and his name is, um, Jack and let's say there's... this... giant...
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Is there a beanstalk involved in this, Mr. Henderson?

Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Well, Jacques-o, what's next for you?
Jacques LaFleur: I don't know. There's always Loch Ness.
[Both laugh]

George Henderson: [Pins LaFleur against his car] Listen to me. You're wrong. I was like you! I almost killed him myself. But it would've been murder. He's not an animal!
Nancy Henderson: He's our friend!
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: For God's sake, Jacques-o, open your eyes.
Jacques LaFleur: Are you people out of your minds? You think I'm going to stop now? I'm going to kill him.
George Henderson: [Begins slamming LaFleur against the car] You're not gonna kill him! You're not gonna hurt him! I won't let you! I'll kill you first...
[Harry pushes George and LaFleur apart]
Jacques LaFleur: [Pointing to George] Don't let him kill me. Don't let him kill me.
Jacques LaFleur: Please don't let him kill me! Don't let him kill me, please don't...! Please don't let him kill me!

Jacques LaFleur: Listen, you don't understand. I almost had him! I was THAT close.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Then what? Gun jam? Or maybe a change of heart? Had him in your sights and couldn't do it? What's the story this time?
Jacques LaFleur: I don't know. I think he was hit by a car.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Well, that should have made it easy.
Jacques LaFleur: Yes, I know. There were no traces. No tracks. Nothing, he just... vanished.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Well, like I tell my customers, Bigfoot eat their dead.
Jacques LaFleur: I don't know why the hell I bother with you.
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Because you figure I'm the only one who wants to believe you deep down, but I don't. Not anymore.

George Henderson: [after trapping Jacques LeFleur on the freeway] That sucker's history!
Dr. Wallace Wrightwood: Don't kid yourself. This is the part he's good at.