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Sir Thomas Bertram (Character)
from Mansfield Park (1999)

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Mansfield Park (1999)
Sir Thomas Bertram: Tom! You will do as I say!
Tom Bertram: What, and do as you do? Even I have principles, sir.

Fanny Price: [referring to Henry Crawford] I do not trust him, sir.
Sir Thomas Bertram: What do you distrust?
Fanny Price: His nature, sir. Like many charming people, he conceals an almost absolute dependence on the appreciation of others.
Sir Thomas Bertram: And what is the terrible ill in that?
Fanny Price: His sole interest is in being loved, sir, not in loving.

Maria Elizabeth Bertram: Father, I wish to speak to you about Rushworth.
Sir Thomas Bertram: Maria, yes. Now, you know how eagerly disposed I was to like your Mr. Rushworth...
Maria Elizabeth Bertram: ...but you think him an inferior young man, as ignorant in business as in books, with opinions in general unfixed, and without seeming much aware of it himself.
Sir Thomas Bertram: Well...

"Mansfield Park: Episode #1.1" (1983)
Sir Thomas Bertram: Is Fanny, then, to come to us?
Lady Bertram: We thought, Sister, she would come to you, for it was your idea, you know, from start to finish.
Mrs. Norris: What? To me? Why, sure, Sir Thomas, YOU did not think so.
Sir Thomas Bertram: Indeed I did. You and Mr. Norris having no children of your own, I took it for certain she would go to the parsonage.
Mrs. Norris: My dear Sir Thomas, I can not conceive how you were ever so mistook. Why, poor Mr. Norris and his state of health alone make it impossible. I do assure you he could no more stand the noise of a child than fly.

"Mansfield Park: Episode Five (#1.5)" (1983)
Sir Thomas Bertram: [considering why Fanny's room is without a fire] You Aunt Norris has always been an advocate for young people being brought up without unnecessary indulgences. It was well-meant, I'm sure, but there should be moderation in all things. She is, herself, exceptionally hardy. I'm sure you understand.