Dr. Sam Bennett
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Dr. Sam Bennett (Character)
from "Private Practice" (2007)

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"Private Practice: In Which We Meet Addison, a Nice Girl from Somewhere Else (#1.1)" (2007)
Dr. Sam Bennett: Naomi's trying to show that she has the power.
Dr. Pete Finch: Why did Addison take the job anyway? Wasn't she some big hotshot in Seattle?
Dr. Violet Turner: Is it just me or did Naomi just run over us?
Dr. Pete Finch: Is she crazy?
Dr. Sam Bennett: Naomi's insane
Dr. Pete Finch: I mean Addison. Is she some kind of crazy person who gets kissed once and decides to change her whole life?

Dr. Violet Turner: Sam you gotta do something.
Dr. Sam Bennett: Ya... what ME?
Dr. Violet Turner: This divorce is killing us. You need to apologize
Dr. Pete Finch: Just say you're wrong for walking out so we can go back to being a happy family.
Dr. Violet Turner: Yeah
Dr. Sam Bennett: I never... I... I didn't... I am not apologizing to her. She's the one. Noami hires Addison and then moves her in right next door to me. I saw her naked this morning.
Dr. Cooper Freedman: You saw her naked?
Dr. Pete Finch: She looked good naked?

Dr. Charlotte King: You got a way to fight me or this, I'd like to see you try.
Dr. Sam Bennett: I'm calling Naomi on you.

Dr. Sam Bennett: Besides, I got mad.
Dr. Naomi Bennett: You got mad?
Dr. Sam Bennett: I got mad
Dr. Naomi Bennett: *You* got mad?
Dr. Sam Bennett: Apparently neither one of us can make decisions when their mad.

Dr. Naomi Bennett: Okay now I'm mad.
Dr. Sam Bennett: I told you.

Dr. Violet Turner: We're a team. We're partners Naomi.
Dr. Sam Bennett: You can't just bring somebody in...
Dr. Pete Finch: Without asking us.
Dr. Cooper Freedman: Yeah.
Dr. Sam Bennett: We're democracy, we vote.
Dr. Violet Turner: Yeah, we vote or it doesn't happen.
Dr. Naomi Bennett: You're right, we should have voted. I was wrong.
Dr. Violet Turner: Good. Okay. Let's vote.
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: Hold on a minute. I have been working here for less than 24 hours and in that time I discovered that I'm not welcome here. I learned that I'm a one man gynie show AND I performed crazy surgery. And Sam saw my bootie. So, this has not been a great day for me. This day kinda sucked. But you know what? I had one patient. One patient- the entire day! And I loved it. So you want me gone? Too bad! I'm in! I'm putting my food down. My foot's down, it's down. I'm not going anywhere. So... yeah, I thought I... I thought I had a big finish but I don't so... I'm done
[she sits down. A few second of silence before Addison gets up again]
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: No NO! I do have a big finish. If I hadn't been here today, if you had someelse than that girl would have died delivering her baby. I saved her life. I saved your asses. I'm a world class Neonatal Surgeon- and I'm here to stay. Welcome to the new Oceanside Wellness
[Addison walks off, everyone stares after her]
Dr. Naomi Bennett: That's why I didn't tell you she was coming.

"Private Practice: In Which Sam Receives an Unexpected Visitor... (#1.2)" (2007)
Dr. Sam Bennett: You have something
Ginger: [Ginger laughs] Thanks. You're sweet too
Dr. Sam Bennett: No, you got something right here
[pointing at a rash on her backside]
Ginger: Huh?

Dr. Sam Bennett: Hey Man, what were you thinking?
Dr. Pete Finch: It's a long sad story
Dr. Cooper Freedman: Did you do the thing were she...
[Addison and Noami enter the room]
Dr. Cooper Freedman: ... uhm could be Pneumonia...

Dr. Naomi Bennett: I am asking because I'm curious *not* because I care. What's her name?
Dr. Sam Bennett: Who's name?
Dr. Naomi Bennett: The girl... the girl Sam
Dr. Sam Bennett: Ginger
Dr. Naomi Bennett: Her name is Ginger?
Dr. Sam Bennett: Hey I did not name her. I didn't hold her up to the Moon and did the whole thing. This isn't roots
Dr. Naomi Bennett: Oh you're funny. You're funny man
Dr. Sam Bennett: Her name is Ginger!
Dr. Naomi Bennett: Did you sleep with Ginger?
Dr. Sam Bennett: And you're asking because you're curious?
Dr. Naomi Bennett: Yeah
Dr. Sam Bennett: Yes
Dr. Naomi Bennett: SAMUEL!
Dr. Naomi Bennett: No I didn't. I just wanted to see what curiosity looked like- it's an awful lot like jealousy
Dr. Naomi Bennett: I am *not* jealous
Dr. Sam Bennett: Ohh yes you are

Dr. Sam Bennett: [talking about a patient, as he stands in front of just that patient's door] Dave probably gets to see strippers. He most probably got one in there right now

Dr. Naomi Bennett: No Ginger. She can't be her. Ginger can't be her.
Dr. Sam Bennett: Okay, you're gonna have to translate from freaked out language to normal people language.

"Private Practice: In Which Addison Finds the Magic (#1.3)" (2007)
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: It is raining.
Dr. Sam Bennett: You're wet.
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: Because it is raining. It rains in Seattle were I left my umbrella it does not rain in Los Angeles.
William 'Dell' Cooper: It rains in L.A. It's raining right now.
Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery: [ironic] Really? Right now?

"Private Practice: Let It Go (#2.5)" (2008)
Dr. Naomi Bennett: Climb Mount Kilimanjaro? With or without your inhaler?
Dr. Sam Bennett: Don't mock my list.