Dr. Preston Burke
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Dr. Preston Burke (Character)
from "Grey's Anatomy" (2005)

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"Grey's Anatomy: As We Know It (#2.17)" (2006)
Dr. Meredith Grey: Look, I can't! No, I can't. This is crazy. Burke, you're gonna go. You go. Both of you should go.
Dr. Preston Burke: Nobody's dying today, Grey.
Bomb Squad Captain: Meredith, I want you to look at me. Look at me. I know this is bad. And I know that I'm this ass whose been yelling at you all day. So you pretend that I'm not; you pretend that I'm someone you like, whatever you need. But you need to listen to me.

Dr. Preston Burke: Derek.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Preston.

Dr. Cristina Yang: You know in the movies, how there's always the hero and then there's the other guy? You know, the guy who sees danger, and then runs in the opposite direction?
Dr. Preston Burke: Yes.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Be the other guy.

Dr. Meredith Grey: Is this the strangest thing that's ever happened in your O.R.?
Dr. Preston Burke: I'd have to say that it is.
Dr. Meredith Grey: Good, 'cause I'm very competitive.
Dr. Preston Burke: All the best surgeons are.

Dr. Derek Shepherd: [Doing life saving brain surgery on Bailey's husband] I just don't want me known as the guy who killed Bailey's husband.
Dr. Preston Burke: [as he's heading out the door to operate on a guy with an unexploded grenade in his chest] And I don't want to be known as the guy who killed everybody else.

Dr. Preston Burke: [Burke and Shepherd walk out of the elevator] Derek.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Preston.

"Grey's Anatomy: Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head (#2.1)" (2005)
Dr. Derek Shepherd: I'm well aware of Richard's recovery time. I'm the one who operated on him, remember?
Dr. Preston Burke: I do, you operated, he survived, and chose me to take over while recruiting your wife.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Clearly he has brain damage.

Dr. Preston Burke: Who is Dr. McDreamy?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Me. I'm Dr. McDreamy. I'm tall, and handsome, and I like to lean against things, and ponder the difficulties of dating beautiful women. I am trying to be a surgeon here!

Dr. Preston Burke: You don't want to go out to dinner, you don't want to meet me in the on-call room and you sure as hell don't want to talk to me. I could pretend I know, but hey, I don't even have your home phone number. So tell me - what do you want

"Grey's Anatomy: Didn't We Almost Have It All? (#3.25)" (2007)
Dr. Preston Burke: [his wedding vows as he tells them to Addison, Izzie and the other women in the OR] Cristina, I could promise to hold you and to cherish you. I could promise to be in sickness and in health. I could say, til death do us part. But I won't. Those vows are for optimistic couples, the ones full of hope. And I do not stand here, on my wedding day, optimistic or full of hope. I am not optimistic, I am not hopeful, I am sure. I am steady. And I know that I am a heart man. I take them apart and I put them back together and I hold them in my hands. I am a heart man. So this I am sure, you are my partner, my lover, my very best friend, my heart, my heart beats for you. And on this day, the day of our wedding, I promise you this: I promise you to lay my heart in the palm of your hands, I promise you me.

Dr. Preston Burke: [to Cristina in the back of the Church] I'm up there waiting for you to come down the aisle and I know you don't want to come. I know you don't want to come, but you'll come anyway because you love me. And if I loved you, if I loved *you*, not the woman I am trying to make you be; not the woman that I hope you'll become; but you, if I did, I wouldn't be up there waiting for you. I would be letting you go.

"Grey's Anatomy: It's the End of the World (#2.16)" (2006)
Dr. Preston Burke: Dr. Shepherd.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Dr. Burke. You and I, we've known each other for a while now, right?
Dr. Preston Burke: Yes.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: And we've done several successful surgeries together?
Dr. Preston Burke: Yes.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Your girlfriend is my ex- girlfriend's best friend.
Dr. Preston Burke: Yes.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Why can't we call each other by our first names?
Dr. Preston Burke: I don't think so.
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Seriously?
Dr. Preston Burke: Seriously. Dr. Shepherd
Dr. Derek Shepherd: Dr. Burke.

Dr. Preston Burke: [to Christina] We go to sleep, I think everything is fine, by the time I wake up, you're just a *little* bit crazy.

"Grey's Anatomy: Blues for Sister Someone (#2.23)" (2006)
Dr. Cristina Yang: [O'Malley has just turned down Burke's offer to assist in a surgery involving Burke's favorite musician] I want in! Hellooo! I want in!
Dr. Preston Burke: [looks distracted] Hmm? Oh. Sure. Yeah, right.
Dr. Cristina Yang: [sighs] Um, I laid on top of you naked last night. So why don't you wax nostalgic about that?

Dr. Cristina Yang: You did everything you could.
Dr. Preston Burke: here was an interview that Eugene gave. I saved it. I taped it to my bathroom mirror. He said that he wasn't the most talented student at music school. But he said what he lacked in natural ability, he made up for in discipline. He practiced... All the time. All the time, he practiced. I wasn't like you. I wasn't the most talented student in school. I wasn't the brightest. But I was the best.
Dr. Cristina Yang: You practiced.
Dr. Preston Burke: I practiced.

"Grey's Anatomy: The First Cut Is the Deepest (#1.2)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: What the-? what the hell is this? Does anybody know what this is?
Dr. Meredith Grey: Oh my god.
Dr. Preston Burke: [holding up body part] What is it, Grey?
Dr. Meredith Grey: She bit it off...
Dr. Preston Burke: What is it? Spit it out, Grey.
Dr. Meredith Grey: That's his... penis.

Dr. Preston Burke: Do you think I'm too confident?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: No.
Dr. Preston Burke: Don't lie.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: You are my boss.
Dr. Preston Burke: All right, then. Anything you say in the next 30 seconds is free, starting now.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I think you're cocky, arrogant, bossy, and pushy. You also have a God complex. You never think about anybody but your damn self.
Dr. Preston Burke: But...
Dr. Miranda Bailey: I have 22 more seconds. I'm not done.

"Grey's Anatomy: Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer (#2.12)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: I believe there's a mind-body-spirit connection. And if Justin really doesn't want this heart, his body will reject it.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Okay, let me get this straight. You don't just celebrate Christmas... you actually believe in Santa Claus?

"Grey's Anatomy: Damage Case (#2.24)" (2006)
Dr. Cristina Yang: [Cristina has fallen asleep whilst she and Burke were having sex] Don't let this threaten your manhood
Dr. Preston Burke: Oh this is not... I am very confident in my manhood, thank you very much
Dr. Cristina Yang: Well good. You should be because, I mean... I fell asleep because I'd already finished.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Twice!
Dr. Preston Burke: [Annoyed] I hadn't finished!

"Grey's Anatomy: Much Too Much (#2.10)" (2005)
Dr. Cristina Yang: [about the key Burke gave her to his apartment] What the hell is this?
Dr. Preston Burke: It's a key.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Why?
Dr. Preston Burke: Why is it a key? Are we feeling existential this morning?
Dr. Cristina Yang: Well, if a key turns in a lock and no one asked for the key or even wanted the key, does it make a sound?

"Grey's Anatomy: Who's Zoomin' Who? (#1.9)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: Why are you in this line?
Dr. Cristina Yang: It's the syphilis line.
Dr. Preston Burke: You don't need to be in this line.
Dr. Cristina Yang: I don't?
Dr. Preston Burke: There's no one else. That surprises you?
Dr. Cristina Yang: Nothing surprises me.
Dr. Preston Burke: Do I need to be in this line?
Dr. Cristina Yang: No.
Dr. Preston Burke: Okay then
Dr. Cristina Yang: Okay

"Grey's Anatomy: A Hard Day's Night (#1.1)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: The only one that can keep a promise like that is God, and I haven't seen him holding a scalpel lately. You never promise a patient's family a good outcome.

"Grey's Anatomy: Winning a Battle, Losing the War (#1.3)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: [to Cristina and Meredith] This is the men's room. Either whip one out or close the door.

"Grey's Anatomy: Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response (#2.26)" (2006)
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Where is Christina? Where are all of the suck ups?
Dr. Preston Burke: Excuse me?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: My interns. *My* ass-kissing, surgery hungry, competetive suck ups? Where are they? Why aren't they here fetching you ice chips and morphine? Why aren't they here sucking up?
[Burke avoids her eyes and doesn't respond]
Dr. Miranda Bailey: You know something.
Dr. Preston Burke: I'm a patient.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Preston. Xavier. Burke. What have you done with my suck ups?

"Grey's Anatomy: Yesterday (#2.18)" (2006)
Dr. Cristina Yang: Um.
Dr. Preston Burke: I am Preston Burke, a widely renowned cardiothorasic surgeon. I am a professional. And more than that I am a good and kind person. I am a person that cleans up behind myself. I am a person that cooks well. And you, you are an unbelievable slob. A slovenly, angry intern. I am Preston Burke. And you, you are the most competitive, most guarded, most stubborn, most challenging person I have ever met. And I love you. What the hell is the matter with you that you wont just let me?
Dr. Cristina Yang: I gave up my apartment 20 minutes ago.
Dr. Preston Burke: Well alright then.

"Grey's Anatomy: The Self-Destruct Button (#1.7)" (2005)
Dr. Preston Burke: [taking the X-ray and showing it to Bailey walking by] You remember this guy?
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Ay, the tattooed masochist
Dr. Preston Burke: Had himself shot again
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Glad to see he's still stupid

"Grey's Anatomy: What Have I Done to Deserve This? (#2.19)" (2006)
Dr. Cristina Yang: Stop pouting.
Dr. George O'Malley: I'm not pouting.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Oh please, I don't even have to look at you, I can feel you pouting. Whatever Meredith did, it wasn't on purpose, so get over it already.
Dr. Preston Burke: Ahem...
Dr. Cristina Yang: I'm not being inappropriate, he's acting like she skinned his puppy.
Dr. Preston Burke: Yang, that's not nice.
Dr. Cristina Yang: Well, I'm not a nice person.