Dr. Mark Sloan
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Dr. Mark Sloan (Character)
from "Grey's Anatomy" (2005)

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"Grey's Anatomy: Yesterday (#2.18)" (2006)
Dr. Mark Sloan: The guys pretty much a goner right?
Dr. Meredith Grey: Sensitivity, I like that in a stranger. Are you new here?
Dr. Meredith Grey, Dr. Derek Shepherd, Dr. Mark Sloan: Visiting. Confounded by all the rain and it's only my first day in town.
Dr. Meredith Grey: You get used to it.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Makes me wanna stay in bed all day.
Dr. Meredith Grey: We just met and already you're talking about bed. Not very subtle.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Subtle's never been my strong suit. So, do you ever go out with co-workers?
Dr. Meredith Grey: I, um, make it a rule not to.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Then I am so glad that I don't work here.
Dr. Meredith Grey: Are you hitting on me? In a hospital?
Dr. Mark Sloan: Would that be wrong?
Dr. Meredith Grey: [Introducing herself] Meredith.
[Derek slugs him]
Dr. Meredith Grey: What the hell was that?
Dr. Derek Shepherd: It's Mark.

Dr. Mark Sloan: Derek and I always did have the same taste in women.
Dr. Meredith Grey: Excuse me?
Dr. Mark Sloan: You're Derek's lusty intern right? I've heard about you all the way back in New York. You're famous.
Dr. Meredith Grey: Well I heard about you all the way here in Seattle, so I guess we have a lot in common.
Dr. Mark Sloan: We're the dirty mistresses.
Dr. Meredith Grey: I suppose we are.
Dr. Mark Sloan: My 400 dollar an hour shrink says that it's because behind this rugged and confident exterior, I'm self destructive and self-loathing to an almost pathological degree.
Dr. Meredith Grey: Hey, we do have a lot in common.
Dr. Mark Sloan: You know, it's funny. Derek walks in on me naked with his wife, actually in the throes, and he just turns around and walks away. But he sees me so much as talking to you, and I'm on the ground bleeding. Interesting, don't you think?

Dr. Mark Sloan: Aw c'mon, you're not even a little bit happy to see me?
Dr. Addison Shepherd: Go home. Whatever you came to do, just drop it and leave.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Hey, we all made mistakes Addison. All three of us. But somehow, somehow, I lost my best friend and the woman I loved.
Dr. Addison Shepherd: Please, don't say that.
Dr. Mark Sloan: He doesn't know how we felt. He doesn't know you stayed with me after he left? How do you expect to work out a marriage if you can't even be honest with him?
Dr. Addison Shepherd: Why are you here?
Dr. Mark Sloan: For one reason. To bring you home. I miss you Addison.
Dr. Addison Shepherd: I'm in love with my husband.
Dr. Mark Sloan: But he's not in love with you. He's in love with that intern. And he's not even trying to hide it. Why would you wanna stick around for that?

Dr. Mark Sloan: How come you can forgive her and not me?
Dr. Derek Shepherd: I didn't forgive her and with you I have no obligation to try.
[Derek walks off]
Dr. Mark Sloan: Your marriage is over Addison. All you have to do is admit it and then you can come back home with me. I'm going to the bar across the street. Meet me there.

Dr. Mark Sloan: This seat taken?
Dr. Meredith Grey: I guess not.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Double scotch, single malt. You look sad.
Dr. Meredith Grey: I just saw my father for the first time in 20 years.
Dr. Mark Sloan: How'd that go?
Dr. Meredith Grey: Could have gone better. What are you still doing here?
Dr. Mark Sloan: I'm hoping Addison shows up.
Dr. Meredith Grey: You're still in love with her?
Dr. Mark Sloan: You're still in love with him.
Dr. Meredith Grey: She won't show you know?
Dr. Mark Sloan: No?
Dr. Meredith Grey: He's not the kind of guy you leave if you can help it.
Dr. Mark Sloan: What if you're wrong? What if, just this once, life comes down on the side of the dirty mistresses?

"Grey's Anatomy: Love, Loss and Legacy (#8.5)" (2011)
Dr. Mark Sloan: [to Catherine] Mark Sloan, Plastics. Isn't penile reconstruction the standard approach in cases like these? Why a transplant?
Dr. Catherine Avery: Well, I can answer your question with a question. Do you like your penis?
Dr. Callie Torres: [pretends to cough] Yes.
[Arizona and Teddy laugh]

Dr. Catherine Avery: [to Mark] My son tells me I have trouble admitting when I'm wrong, so this is the place where I should say, that was an impressive save.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Of course it was. He's a good kid, probably because you've give him such a complex, but whatever the reason, let him find his own way. He'll do good.
Dr. Catherine Avery: Thank you.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Oh, and don't count out Lexie Grey until you meet her. She's smart, she's beautiful, she's perfect. A guy couldn't do any better.

"Grey's Anatomy: Walk on Water (#3.15)" (2007)
Dr. Richard Webber: What's the news, Dr. Sloan?
Dr. Mark Sloan: Shepherd and Grey are on the rocks, Burke and Yang are engaged... You need highlights... Highlights. That's why your hair looks so odd. I'll go save lives now...

"Grey's Anatomy: Sometimes a Fantasy (#3.3)" (2006)
Dr. Meredith Grey: McSteamy! Woohoo!
Dr. Mark Sloan: McSteamy? Is that what you're calling me?
Dr. Meredith Grey: I don't think you're supposed to know that.
Dr. Mark Sloan: How's my favorite dirty mistress?
Dr. Meredith Grey: I'm an adulterous whore now...

"Grey's Anatomy: Slow Night, So Long (#7.9)" (2010)
Dr. Mark Sloan: [the night shift doctors, Karev, Grey, little Grey, Kepner, Avery, arrive at the hospital yawning] Did you just yawn? Was that a yawn?
Dr. Teddy Altman: Don't tell us you're tired after getting to sleep all day.
Dr. April Kepner: It's not as easy as it sounds.
Dr. Miranda Bailey: Not easy? Not... When I was a resident, I actually worked for a living. I did every other night call for five years.
Dr. Robert Stark: There were days I didn't go home for 72 hours. I loved it.
Dr. Alex Karev: As you trudged through the snow while you whittled your own scalpels.

"Grey's Anatomy: Here Comes the Flood (#5.3)" (2008)
Dr. Mark Sloan: [to Lexie, at the bar] So... a photographic memory, huh?
Dr. Mark Sloan: Periodic Table. Go.
Dr. Lexie Grey: Hydrogen, helium, lithium, beryllium, boron, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, neon, sodium, magnesium, aluminum, silicon, phosphorus, sulfur. I can keep going.

"Grey's Anatomy: The Lion Sleeps Tonight (#8.18)" (2012)
Dr. Mark Sloan: What are you doing?
Dr. Callie Torres: Trying to figure out how many dermatology fellows my wife's banged.
[pointing at pictures]
Dr. Callie Torres: for sure her, yeah that one probably too; ooh
[reads off board]
Dr. Callie Torres: specializes in complete body rejuvenation. Yeah I bet you do Cheryl.

"Grey's Anatomy: The Becoming (#4.14)" (2008)
Dr. Mark Sloan: The most refined, professional, lady-like doctor in this hospital came to my defense tonight. Best she could come up with was "he's a whore."

"Grey's Anatomy: Suicide Is Painless (#6.18)" (2010)
Dr. Mark Sloan: Three dates. No sex; just talking. Do you have any idea how much you can learn about someone if you remain upright? Like, I'll bet you didn't know, Teddy hates the word "moist." Hates it. Would really prefer people say "damp."

"Grey's Anatomy: Shock to the System (#7.2)" (2010)
Dr. Mark Sloan: I know who she is, and if she's going through her worse right now, I want to go through it with her. She makes me happier than anything I've ever known, and if I can have a part in making her happy again that's all I want to do. That's all I want to do for the rest of my life.

"Grey's Anatomy: Shiny Happy People (#6.22)" (2010)
Dr. Mark Sloan: Lex - I'm still in love with you. I tried not be, but it didn't work. And Sloane's gone, there is no baby, and I don't want to sleep around. I want another chance. I'm in love with you.
Dr. Lexie Grey: Karev, he's... Mark, I have a boyfriend.
Dr. Mark Sloan: I know. All I'm saying is that you could have a husband.

"Grey's Anatomy: Unaccompanied Minor (#7.22)" (2011)
Dr. Mark Sloan: [to Lexie] Hey, how 'ya doing?
Dr. Lexie Grey: Not now, Mark.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Oh, come, Lexie. You've been in the "Dead Zone" all day.
Dr. Lexie Grey: You have to stop. You gotta stop talking to me and checking on me and talking to my boyfriend. I love you, and I'm always gonna love you, but I don't want to love you. I want to be happy and Jackson makes me happy. And if you keep pulling at me, I'll come back to you.
Dr. Mark Sloan: You're right, I'm sorry.
Dr. Lexie Grey: You got what you wanted. You wanted a family, so please just let me have what I wanted.
Dr. Mark Sloan: I said you're right. I told Avery I was letting you go. Did he tell you that part?
Dr. Lexie Grey: Yes. It's paternalistic and weird.
Dr. Mark Sloan: I'm letting you go, Lexie. That means you've got to walk away.
[Lexie walks away]

"Grey's Anatomy: Haunt You Every Day (#4.5)" (2007)
Dr. Mark Sloan: I put the word out that you were lookin'
Dr. Derek Shepherd: That I'm looking?
Dr. Mark Sloan: Lookin'! Sounds way dirtier without the 'g'

"Grey's Anatomy: Wish You Were Here (#5.11)" (2009)
Dr. Mark Sloan: I'm telling you, these interns are out of control.
Dr. Callie Torres: Stalkers.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Sexed-up stalkers.

"Grey's Anatomy: Death and All His Friends (#6.24)" (2010)
Dr. Alex Karev: [to Mark] You got to eat more bacon.
Dr. Mark Sloan: What?
Dr. Alex Karev: You stop yourself from doing a lot of crap that you want to do in life. I mean, I'm probably dying now and I'm telling you, you gotta eat more bacon. Have more sex.
Dr. Mark Sloan: Okay, I will. I'll eat more bacon, but you gotta hang in there, 'cause she's gonna be back any minute. She had to go to the blood bank and back.