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Bobby Stark (Character)
from Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)

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Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)
Lilly: [about favorite movies] Bobby, what's yours?
Bobby Stark: I like movies that make America look great, like... Rambo Part III.

Angela: So, why did you come here?
Bobby: It's a once in a lifetime opportunity. Plus, it would look really good on my resume.

Bobby: Looks like you and me are partners...
Riff: Shut up!
Bobby: Cool, man. Right on.

Bobby: Hi. Bobby Stark. Mind if I join you?
Angela: Sure.
Bobby: Cool.
[sits down]
Bobby: Your name's Maria Nicastro, right?
Angela: How do you remember that?
Bobby: I'm just great with names. That's how I got to be senior class president of my high school.
Angela: That's nice.
Bobby: Yeah. So... you're underprivileged, huh?

Angela: [setting up to fish] Here - give me the hook.
[quickly sets it up]
Angela: There.
Bobby Stark: Wow. You're good at that.
Angela: Yeah. That's what everybody says. Now cast.
[silence as Bobby attempts to fish]
Angela: So, why'd you come here, anyway?
Bobby Stark: Well, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, it'll look great on my resume.
Bobby Stark: Can you hold this for a minute?
Angela: Sure.
[Bobby shifts]
Angela: What?
Bobby Stark: I think you're nice.
Angela: [smiles; laughs in appreciation] Thanks.
Bobby Stark: [looks at her] D'you think I'm nice?
Angela: Yeah! I guess.
Bobby Stark: Good.
[looks down; scoots slightly closer and looks back at her]
Bobby Stark: Can I tell you something else?
Angela: [only slightly more amused] What?
Bobby Stark: I like bein' tied up. Especially next to you.
[she looks away]
Bobby Stark: It turns me on.
[he ravishes her and she yelps]
Angela: Stop it!
[writhes; he lets up]
Bobby Stark: I thought you wanted it!
Angela: No!
Bobby Stark: Your type always does!
Angela: At least not now!
[she thinks of a way to kill him]
Angela: Meet me at the main camp right after dark.
Bobby Stark: How will we get away from Lily?
Angela: [slyly] Don't worry. I'll handle it.
Bobby Stark: [sneezes loudly] Oh; excuse me.
[Angela gives him the fishing rod and he laughs nervously for a second]
Angela: Hmm.
[they look at each other and he scoots a little away from her both look in the water, then speaks annoyed]
Angela: Just keep it down!
[guides his wrist so fish can be caught]