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Angela Baker (Character)
from Sleepaway Camp (1983)

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Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (1989)
Herman Miranda: Where'd you learn to chop wood like that?
Angela: I've never chopped wood before. But I've chopped other things.

Angela: Good thing you're dead 'cause in a couple of years your breasts would have been sagging something terrible!

Angela: It seems every year I'm at camp someone loses their head.

Angela: So why did you come here?
Bobby Stark: It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, plus it would look REALLY good on my resume.

[Riff plays a tape on his boom-box]
Angela: Angels are pretty ;Angels can fly, and here is the angel that'll make you die! You got no style and, you got no cares all ya do is fight and swear. So say your prayers and make a mends, cause ya life story is about to end.
Riff: [pause] What the fuck?

[after killing Bobby]
Angela: Thank God there'll be one less idiot in politics.

Paramedic: She's still alive.
Policeman: She doesn't deserve to live.Let's kill her.Nobody will know
Paramedic: It wouldn't be hard to do.
Policeman: It would put an end to it, once and for all.
Paramedic: Where are we?
Policeman: I'll check.
[Angela grabs a needle and stabs the two men]
Ambulance driver: What's going on back there?
Angela: Just taking care of business.

Angela: Have a nice life.
[the car drives away, pause]
Angela: What's left of it.

Lily Miranda: What's your favourite colour?
Angela: Blood red.

[making cleaning powder up to look like cocaine]
Angela: One of the many dangers of being a drug addict is never really knowing if the stuff is pure.

[Angela has handed the "cocaine" over]
Tawny Richards: Good stuff?
Angela: It'll really clean your pipes.

Bobby Stark: Hi, I'm Bobby Stark. You don't mind if I sit here?
Angela: Sure.
[he takes a seat. Pause]
Bobby Stark: So... you're underpriviliged.

Angela: Why did I think this year would be any different?

Tawny Richards: You Look a little older than the rest
Angela: Massive Drugs
Tawny Richards: Drugs huh? you wouldn't know where where I can score some coke?
Angela: Yeah, there's a machine in the dining hall.

Angela: You look just like your son when you get mad.
Officer Barney Whitmore: How many people have you killed this time?
Angela: I dunno.Lots.
Officer Barney Whitmore: You gonna kill me too?
[she nods]
Officer Barney Whitmore: How?A knife,A drill or A chainsaw?Fire,Battery acid or are you just gonna cut my head off like you did my son's? Well Angela... what's it gonna be?
Angela: A gun.
[she fires]

[as Angela is burying Lily in a garbage pit]
Lily Miranda: Get me out of here! There's rats in here! They'll eat me alive!
Angela: Don't worry, they'll be suffocated soon.

Angela: Are you a cheerleader?
Cindy: Yes.
Angela: You a virgin?
Cindy: No.
Angela: Do you take drugs?
Cindy: Doesn't everybody?
Angela: Strike three!

Cindy: [Angela is running Cindy up a flagpole] Hey! What are you doing? Do you know who my dad is? Lemme down! Stop it! I'll sue you for everything you've got! Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?
Angela: Because you're a cheerleader, a fornicator, a drug taker, a nasty snotty bigot and beside's that, you're real nice.
[sends Cindy plunging to her death]

Angela: [to Lily as she's buried in the garbage patch] By the way, your husband fools around.

Angela: [setting up to fish] Here - give me the hook.
[quickly sets it up]
Angela: There.
Bobby Stark: Wow. You're good at that.
Angela: Yeah. That's what everybody says. Now cast.
[silence as Bobby attempts to fish]
Angela: So, why'd you come here, anyway?
Bobby Stark: Well, it's a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Plus, it'll look great on my resume.
Bobby Stark: Can you hold this for a minute?
Angela: Sure.
[Bobby shifts]
Angela: What?
Bobby Stark: I think you're nice.
Angela: [smiles; laughs in appreciation] Thanks.
Bobby Stark: [looks at her] D'you think I'm nice?
Angela: Yeah! I guess.
Bobby Stark: Good.
[looks down; scoots slightly closer and looks back at her]
Bobby Stark: Can I tell you something else?
Angela: [only slightly more amused] What?
Bobby Stark: I like bein' tied up. Especially next to you.
[she looks away]
Bobby Stark: It turns me on.
[he ravishes her and she yelps]
Angela: Stop it!
[writhes; he lets up]
Bobby Stark: I thought you wanted it!
Angela: No!
Bobby Stark: Your type always does!
Angela: At least not now!
[she thinks of a way to kill him]
Angela: Meet me at the main camp right after dark.
Bobby Stark: How will we get away from Lily?
Angela: [slyly] Don't worry. I'll handle it.
Bobby Stark: [sneezes loudly] Oh; excuse me.
[Angela gives him the fishing rod and he laughs nervously for a second]
Angela: Hmm.
[they look at each other and he scoots a little away from her both look in the water, then speaks annoyed]
Angela: Just keep it down!
[guides his wrist so fish can be caught]

Sleepaway Camp II: Unhappy Campers (1988)
Angela: Nice girls don't have to show it off.

Angela: I'm giving you one last chance, Mare. We're sleeping out tomorrow night. Just say your sorry.
Mare: Never! I would rather die first, Angela.
Mare: [Angela reaches for something in the backseat] What are you looking for, a gun?
Angela: No, a drill.

Sean Whitmore: Angela... You're Angela Baker, the Angel of Death. I should have called you Peter.
Angela: My name is Angela Johnson.
Sean Whitmore: You're Angela Baker. You killed all those kids at Camp Arawak.
Angela: I've been Angela Johnson for four years.
Sean Whitmore: How did you get this job here?
Angela: Easy. I've got great recommendations from doctors, psychiatrists, even clergymen. I did my time. Two years of therapy, electroshock, was on every pill you ever heard of, plus an operation. I'm completely cured. If I wasn't they wouldn't have let me out. How do you know so much about me?
Sean Whitmore: My dad's a cop. He helped arrest you. You should have heard him the day you got out.
Angela: That's too bad. Wait 'til he hears what's happened to you.

Uncle John: I used to brag that every good kid in New York came here, but now I have trouble filling half the cabins with god knows who. Whatever happened to the good kids in the world?
Angela: Don't talk like that, Uncle John. There's lots of good kids. We just have to weed out the bad.

Angela: Ooooh, I'm a happy camper, I love the summer sun. I love the trees and forest, I'm always having fun! Ooooh, I'm a happy camper, I love the clear blue sky, and with the grace of God, I'll camp until I die!

[Angela lured Ally into a trap]
Angela: I didn't think you'll fall for it. You're dumber than I thought.
Ally: Well, you're more fucked up than I thought.

Angela: [after stabbing Ally] Get up. Get up! Get in there. Get in the toilet!
[shoves Ally into outhouse]
Angela: What's down there?
Angela: Answer me!
Ally: Shit!
Angela: That's right one of your favorite words. Do you mind if I borrow it for a moment? You've been a shitty friend and a shitty camper. What else is down there? Answer me!
Ally: Piss!
Angela: You've pissed away your good looks and God-given talent your whole life and turned it into nothing but a cynical dirty mouth waste of flesh! What else is down there?
Ally: I dunno!
Angela: Well, then, I guess you're just going to have to climb in and find out.
Angela: Leeches, Ally! For a leech like you!
Angela: You should have been the first to go.

Angela: [leaving a cabin full of victims] Good night campers.

Molly Nagle: Where do you think she is?
Angela: Probably fornicating.

[as blindfolded campers stick their hands into boxes of various gross stuff]
T.C.: Gross! Slimy gopher guts!
Diane: Look out! Putrid wild elephant hearts!
Angela: Dead teenagers' brains!
Diane: Angela, what's really in there?
Angela: Dead teenagers' brains.

Judd: [Angela knocks him down and prepares to bring a running chainsaw down upon him] No, don't.
Angela: [She brings the chainsaw down upon him] Sorry, but once I start a task, I always finish.

Angela: Too bad they haven't figured out a way to make french fries nutritious. I'm a NUT when it comes to french fries!

Angela: Let this be a lesson to you.
[lights match]
Angela: Say "no" to drugs.
[sets Brooke on fire]

Sleepaway Camp (1983)
Angela: Meet me at the waterfront after the social.

Angela: Meet me at the waterfront, after the social.