Harry Snowden
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Harry Snowden (Character)
from "All in the Family" (1971)

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"Archie Bunker's Place: Small Claims Court (#4.23)" (1983)
Barney Hefner: Incidently, how big is my tab?
Harry Snowden: $572.33.
Barney Hefner: Excellent. Apply five... Nah, you better make that four dollars toward it.

Mr. VanRensselaer: [after Barney Hefner drops Archie's new TV set] I hope that was the sound of Harry dropping a beer glass.
Harry Snowden: Harry was nowhere near it.
Archie Bunker: That was the sound of Barney murdering my new TV. But stay tuned, because the next sound you're gonna hear is me murdering Barney!

"All in the Family: A Night at the PTA (#9.14)" (1979)
Archie Bunker: I couldn't go to that thing even if I wanted to. We're supposed to be busy in here tonight.
Harry Snowden: I can handle it. I think you should go to the school show.
Archie Bunker: I hate school shows. I've hated school shows ever since I was this high. God, will I never forget. There was always some kid pounding a piano, and there was always some four-eyed sissy torturing a violin, a fat slob reciting "Trees", and then there was always the black kid singing, "My Yiddishe Mome".