Harry Bentley
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Harry Bentley (Character)
from "All in the Family" (1971)

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"The Jeffersons: George's Skeleton (#1.6)" (1975)
Louise Jefferson: [bringing water for Bently's plant] This'll take care of Doodoo.
Harry Bentley: Uh, Deedee.

Louise Jefferson: What kind of birds are these, Mr. Bently?
Harry Bentley: Oh they're budgies, Australian lovebirds.
Louise Jefferson: Okay but don't be surprised if they're arguing when you pick them up.
Harry Bentley: Actually they're not really lovebirds the poor things, I just found out they're both the same sex. You should've been there when THEY found out.

George Jefferson: This friend of mine, he's got a problem.
Harry Bentley: Oh I'm sorry to hear it.
George Jefferson: So am I. See, he got into some trouble when he was a kid in Harlem. His family was so poor, his mother had to hold down 2 jobs just so they could afford to starve. And one day he heard his mother bragging to this other lady that no matter how bad times was, her youngest son always came through with a fine Christmas present for her. That really tore him up because he knew damn well he never gave her no Christmas present, and he knew she wasn't going to get none this year neither.
Harry Bentley: Well that's sad.
George Jefferson: Anyhow, he had this buddy, see, and this buddy didn't have no money either, only it didn't matter for this buddy because he also didn't have a mother. So they got the idea of boosting something from Bloomingdales.

George Jefferson: The kids got busted with a couple of watches and $50 worth of French perfume.
Harry Bentley: Oh yes, the store detective saw them I suppose.
George Jefferson: Naw, the store detective didn't see nothing. See the top came off one of the perfume bottles, and the man KNEW they didn't smell that way when they came in.
Harry Bentley: That's sad, so the lad never got to give his mother the Christmas present, eh?
George Jefferson: Not that season, because when they got before the judge with no lawyer or nothing, he gave them a year in the slammer.

"All in the Family: The Jeffersons Move on Up (#5.17)" (1975)
Harry Bentley: Well, jambo.
George Jefferson: Did you say Sambo?
Harry Bentley: Jambo. It's Swahili. Actually it means "hello".

Louise Jefferson: [as soon as Bentley leaves] George, I believe you were right about this place after all. Imagine, an English neighbor.
Harry Bentley: [Immediately popping back in] Good God, you're black.

"The Jeffersons: Now You See It, Now You Don't: Part 1 (#6.4)" (1979)
Harry Bentley: I want to view the dog star.
George Jefferson: Lassie?
Harry Bentley: No, Sirius.
George Jefferson: I am serious!

Harry Bentley: I just love Halloween: the goblins, the monsters, the ghouls, it's what America is all about.

"The Jeffersons: Florence's Problem (#2.18)" (1976)
Harry Bentley: I thought cauliflower was very good.
George Jefferson: Cauliflower?
Harry Bentley: Yes, Lassie's favorite vegetable: Collie-flower.
George Jefferson: Cauliflower! I was going to put sauerkraut
Louise Jefferson: Sauerkraut?
Harry Bentley: I thought Lassie was a German shepherd.