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Quotes for
Thelma Evans Anderson (Character)
from "Good Times" (1974)

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"Good Times: The Evans Get Involved: Part 2 (#5.2)" (1977)
Michael: [J.J. comes out of the bathroom dressed as a space man] What is that?
Thelma: I think it's a U.F.O-Unidentified Fool Object.
J.J.: I'm Captain J.J. from the planet Ghetto. I'm straight as an arrow and right on course, don't mess with me 'cause I'm known as "The Force".

Thelma: You know Willona, I want be extra special for the carnival! What should I wear?
J.J.: Try wearing a paper sack over your head!

Willona: Mrs. Gordon, wait, we couldn't help but notice all those bruises on Penny's back.
Mrs. Gordon: Oh those, Penny's at the awkward age, she's always falling down. Isn't that true dear? Didn't you fall down?
Millicent 'Penny' Gordon: Uh, uh huh! One time I fell out of a tree and I fell on my pussy cat and uh... I squished him.
J.J.: That pussycat sure leads a tough life.
Thelma: What about the burn on her arm?
Millicent 'Penny' Gordon: I told them I bumped into the stove, Mama.
Mrs. Gordon: You know, I've told Penny a dozen times to stay away from that stove but she...
Willona: That stove should be locked up before it kills somebody.

Willona: [mimicking Mrs. Gordon] 'Isn't it true, dear? Didn't you fall down?' Who does that sucker think she's fooling?
J.J.: Yeah, she fell, her mama helped her down.
Thelma: Now wait a minute, J.J., why're you accusing her mother?
Willona: WHAT?
Thelma: I mean maybe Penny's telling the truth.
J.J.: Yeah, and maybe Andrew Young is afraid to open his mouth.

Thelma: J.J., we have no proof, Penny said she fell.
J.J.: You'd say you fell down too if your mama was Muhammad Ali.

Willona: I just hope she's too beat to beat on Penny.
Michael: Beat on her? You think her mother does THAT to her?
Willona, Thelma: Yes/No.
Willona: We didn't see it but I'm sure she did.
Michael: Oh, well then you're talking about is ALLEGED child beating.
J.J.: Here's the way it comes down, Michael. The alleged mama took her alleged fists and hit the little kid's alleged back, and left a mess of alleged bruises that were LEGIBLY clear.

"Good Times: Where There's Smoke (#5.16)" (1978)
Michael: Penny, what's wrong? You look a little humdrum. Just between us, did you eat any of Thlema's soup?
Thelma: [Thelma re-enters the living room] Hey, I heard that, buddy! Just for that, you're not getting any dinner!
Michael: You promise?

Michael: What's wrong, Penny? You look a little hum-drum!
Michael: Between you, and me, did you have any of Thelma's soup?
Thelma: I heard that, buddy! Just for that, you're not getting any dinner!
Michael: You promise?

"Good Times: The Gang: Part 1 (#2.9)" (1974)
Mad Dog: What's your name, sweet thing?
Thelma: My name is Thelma.
Mad Dog: THELMA? Where did you get a name like that from?
Thelma: When I was born my mother took one look at me and called me Thelma. Just like when you were born your mother took one look at you and called you MAD DOG!

"Good Times: No More Mr. Nice Guy (#5.13)" (1978)
Thelma Evans: Look at the grade Michael got on his paper!
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: A F? Not bad!
Thelma Evans: Not bad?
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: That's nothing, I once got a K!
Michael Evans: A K?
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Yeah, a K for cruddy.
Michael Evans: JJ, cruddy is spelled with a C.
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Well, it was a spelling test.

"Good Times: Too Old Blues (#1.1)" (1974)
Michael Evans: [to the furniture movers] You're upsetting my sister. Thelma, please don't faint!
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Thelma's gonna faint?
Michael Evans: Thelma, PLEASE don't faint.
Thelma Evans: Oh my! I do feel weak! All the blood is rushing from my head!
[falls on the floor]
Michael Evans: Get back, give her air.
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: This poor child ain't had nothing to eat for the last two weeks, except for some rotten oatmeal.
Thelma Evans: Where am I?
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Marshall Fields. Oh! Did you hear that? The poor child thinks she's in Marshall Fields!

"Good Times: Michael the Warlord (#4.4)" (1976)
Thelma Evans: What's a jacket doing in the oven?
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: I don't know, beats me, first we're picking cotton, now we're cooking it.

"Good Times: The Evans Get Involved: Part 1 (#5.1)" (1977)
Thelma: [Willona opens the back of Penny's dress, revealing her back's covered in bruises] Oh no!
Willona: Wha - what happened?
Penny: [turning around quickly] Uh, I fell, I always fall, my feet are all thumbs.
Willona: Baby, come here. Now I know you like to make up stories, but I need you to tell me the truth. Who gave you those bruises? Baby, who did those awful things to you?
Lenella Gordon: [enters and sees Penny's dress open] What's going on?
Penny: [turns around] I didn't tell them a thing, momma, honest I didn't.
[goes to her mother]
Lenella Gordon: [hastily ties up Penny's dress and trying to act innocent] What would you have to tell them, sweetheart?

"Good Times: Black Jesus (#1.2)" (1974)
Michael Evans: Hey, Thelma, how do you like this?
Thelma Evans: [takes close look at JJ's painting] What is it?
Michael Evans: Don't show your ignorance. This is Black Jesus.
Thelma Evans: Black Jesus, my foot. That's Ned the Wino.
Michael Evans: You mean the dude who's always walking up and down the street drinking wine and preachin'?
Thelma Evans: Ned the Wino, better known as the Ghetto Prophet.
Michael Evans: Yeah, he's always predicting the end of the world and asking for a dime for some wine, so he can die happy.
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Which he does every night.

"Good Times: The I.Q. Test (#2.7)" (1974)
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: [Thelma hits J.J]
James 'J.J.' Evans, Jr.: Hey Ma, you see that?
Thelma Evans: [mocking J.J]
Thelma Evans: Hey Ma, you see that?
James Evans, Sr.: Hey Junior, you see this?
[raises fist]