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Torquil (Character)
from Krull (1983)

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Krull (1983)
Prince Colwyn: The reward is freedom... and fame!
Torquil: Freedom? We have it! And fame? Nah. It's an empty purse. Count it, go broke. Eat it, go hungry. Seek it, go mad!

Seer: The temple is at the center of the swamp where three trees grow as one.
Prince Colwyn: How can anything grow in that place? It smells of death.
Ynyr: Death and power are close cousins.
Torquil: I don't think I like your relatives, old man.

[Ynyr leaves to go see The Widow of the Web]
Ynyr: From here, I go on alone.
Prince Colwyn: I'm going with you.
Ynyr: No. If two approach, she would certainly kill both. Alone, I may have a chance.
Torquil: Each to his fate, Colwyn.
Ynyr: Yes... Yes, each to his fate.

Torquil: I don't kill men without good reason.
Prince Colwyn: Nor do I. And be thankful for it.

Torquil: Silence! You're surrounded by a hundred men.
Prince Colwyn: A hundred is not enough.
Torquil: Well what have we here? A fighter?
Prince Colwyn: Besides you're short by about ninety men.

Prince Colwyn: Would you follow a king to the black fortress?
Torquil: Now I know you're a lunatic. I wouldn't follow me own father to the black fortress.

Prince Colwyn: Now we have no way to find the fortress.
Ynyr: There is one who might help.
Prince Colwyn: Who?
Ynyr: The Widow of the Web.
Torquil: That creature helps no one. For none who go there return.
Ynyr: She has great powers.
Torquil: Yeah, to kill.
Ynyr: She may not kill me. For I know her name.
Torquil: Her name is death.
Ynyr: She had another name once. An ancient and powerful name.
[Torquil has a look of disbelief and this gets Ynyr mad]
Ynyr: We all risk our lives on this journey. My risk is no greater than yours. I must try.

Torquil: [about the journey and Colwyn's offer to unlock the manacles] If we succeed, unlock them. Otherwise I'll die with them on.

Torquil: [Colwyn gives the king's key to Torquil to rid himself of his manacles] I thought I might keep them as a momento of our journey.
Prince Colwyn: Well, the key is yours.
Torquil: Only the king and his Lord Marshall carry this key!
Prince Colwyn: Right.
[Torquil laughs realizing he's just been appointed Lord Marshall]

Torquil: Only the king and his lord marshall have the keys to these manicles. You don't look like the lord marshall.
Prince Colwyn: No.
Torquil: You look about the right age to be Turold's son.
Prince Colwyn: Exact age.

Prince Colwyn: [looking at Torquil and his men] You're escaped prisoners
Torquil: Every one of us. Thieves, fighters, bandits and brawlers!