Stu Miley
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Stu Miley (Character)
from Monkeybone (2001)

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Monkeybone (2001)
Stu Miley: Excuse me kitty. I'll be right back after I choke my monkey!

Stu Miley: The woman I love is living with a horny little monkey that looks like me.
Kitty: What a lucky girl!

Julie: It looks so... new.
Stu: Well that's because it is new!
Julie: But the heirloom - your grandmother's ring...
Stu: What? You want a used ring?

Stu Miley: So how long have you been in here?
Steven King: 25 Years. I steal the golden ticket and Cujo gets to use it.

Stu: So I thought what the hell I'm a big celebrity now, I can get all the chicks I want. Why get married? But on the other hand if you are married, no more stink eye. Plus they can't testify against you.
Herb: Testify about what?

Death: [sitting at the controls of a tower monster] I do like to dress up when I come down town. So, how was she?
[meaning Julie]
Stu Miley: [standing on the monster's right hand] She was... she was beautiful. Of course I was decomposing at the time but... at least now she knows how much I love her.
Monkeybone: [looking nervous] Uh, excuse me, Death... I hate to break up this little love test, but my little bladder is about to burst.
[Death pulls a lever, and the hand Monkeybone is on swings over Stu]
Monkeybone: [screams] BUT I'VE *REALLY* GOTTA GO!
[the hand covers Stu, then rises off him revealing Monkeybone has disappeared]
Stu Miley: [feeling his head] Where, where's Monkeybone?
Death: Back in your head where he belongs. I don't wanna hurt your feelings Stu, but on your own you're a tad vinilla, so I didn't want to send you back without him.
Stu Miley: [surprised] You're wha... did you? You're sending my *back*?
Death: [sure] Yes. I'm sending you back.
Stu Miley: Thank you. Death...
Death: I like you. I'll take the South Park guys instead I hear they're dying to meet me.
Death: Come on Stu. Turn round.
Stu Miley: [turns around] Like this?
Death: Yeah, uh-huh.
[looks up]
Death: Stu, little higher.
[Stu steps higher up the palm, and the other hand comes up behind him]
Death: See ya!
[the finger springs off the the thumb, sending Stu back]

[last lines]
Stu Miley: [Buster runs over to Stu, who is near a fountain] Hey buddy! How are ya?
Stu Miley: How are ya?
[Stu stands up and sees Julie, who is by the fountain]
Julie: [looks into Stu's eyes] Is it you? Is it really you this time?
[they kiss and the camera turns to Herb, who is in the water near the fountain]
Herb: [to the camera] People, for the love of God, take off your clothes. Take *off* your clothes!
[the scenery turns to cartoon, Herb flies away, a number of people remove their clothing and become monkeys]

Stu Miley: Back in the pack!