Dieter Dengler
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Dieter Dengler (Character)
from Rescue Dawn (2006)

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Rescue Dawn (2006)
Dieter: I remember, I was in the attic with my brother. We were looking out, and we see this fighter plane, beautiful, coming right at us. And it's firing from its wings. And I see the machine gun, it's flashing and - whooosh - it goes flying past the house. It's so close. I mean, it's *feet* away from the house. And the canopy was open. And this pilot, he had his goggles up on his helmet. And I could see his eyes. And he was looking at me. Right at me. He's looking right at me. And then as he turns to go, he's starting back, he's looking right at me still. And the thing is, from that moment on, little Dieter, he needed to fly.

Dieter: Empty what is full. Fill what is empty. Scratch what itches.

Dieter: I love America. America gave me wings.

Dieter: No, I never wanted to go to war. I just wanted to fly.

Dieter: I believe I need a steak.

Rescue Chopper Winchman: [hauled into rescue chopper] Who are ya buddy? Name!
Dieter: Flight Lieutenant Dieter Dengler, U.S.S. Ranger.
Rescue Chopper Winchman: Authenticator? What's the authenticator?
Dieter: Rescue Dawn.
Rescue Chopper Winchman: Louder!
Dieter: Rescue Dawn!
Rescue Chopper Winchman: Favorite sport?
Dieter: [big grin now] Hunting.
Rescue Chopper Winchman: Favorite fish?
Dieter: Trout.
Rescue Chopper Pilot: Confirmed, confirmed, it's him!

Squad Leader: You're gonna be Spook's wingman. You think you can handle that?
Dieter: I could not ask for a better man, sir. But, please, could I ask you a question?
Squad Leader: Go ahead.
Dieter: You know, Spook is such a goddamn daredevil, could you please order him not to try too hard to die for his country, but rather to let the son-of-a-bitch on the other side die for his instead?

Dieter: [for his birthday] What kind of champagne is this?
Gene: You just got to keep thinking protein, lots of protein.
Duane: It's not bad. Squished insect larva.
Gene: Protein...
Dieter: [drinking] Mmmm... Oh, this is a good year, this one.