Walter O'Brien
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Walter O'Brien (Character)
from Northfork (2003)

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Northfork (2003)
Walter: What are you talking about Willis?

[first lines]
Walter: [reading a letter] To the loving O'Brien family. It has been brought to our attention that the remains of a Mrs. Patricia O'Brien have yet to be excavated. Please make arrangements immediately.

Walter: Have you ever smelled death?
Willis O'Brien: I don't recall smelling it.
Walter: Death smells like nothing you've ever smelled in your life.
Willis O'Brien: What does it smell like?
Walter: You know when you've smelled death. 'Cause when you smell it you say to yourself, "Damn, something die?"

Walter: You can consider, the death of a person is still considered progress.

Walter: Once something is buried it should stay buried!