Valdine Wingfield
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Valdine Wingfield (Character)
from Say It Isn't So (2001)

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Say It Isn't So (2001)
Walter: I thought I told you to get a haircut.
Valdine: Oh, give Gilly a break, he's been through a lot.
Walter: Yeah, including his own sister.

Valdine: Old R2D2 couldn't keep it in his pants back then. And now he can't even wipe his own ass.

Valdine: Sweet Lord. You ponied your sister.

Valdine: [explaining her reasons for giving up her baby, to an increasingly dismayed Gilbert and Jo] I figured the best thing to do was to give you away. You know, to somebody who wouldn't resent you for your burden. I mean, one of you had to go and Jo was already house-broke.
Gilbert Noble: This can't be happening.
Valdine: I know this must be very difficult for you. But just think how lucky you are that you found out before it was too late, before you got married and consumated this forbidden relationship.
[causes Jo to run off to the bathroom, retching]
Valdine: Sweet Lord! You ponied your sister.
Gilbert Noble: Oh, my God.