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Quotes for
Franklin Winthrop (Character)
from "Oz" (1997)

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"Oz: Wheel of Fortune (#5.5)" (2002)
#02W562 Franklin Winthrop: Hey there, handsome.
#02W561 Adam Guenzel: Fuck you.
#02W562 Franklin Winthrop: Hey, what's with the attitude, man? I'm in here because of you, remember? I didn't wanna rape that girl!
#02W561 Adam Guenzel: Look at yourself. Look at what you've turned into!
#02W562 Franklin Winthrop: I had to, to survive, you know?
#02W561 Adam Guenzel: You don't see me all dolled-up.
#02W562 Franklin Winthrop: That's 'cause you've got Beecher, and from what I understand, you're paying the same price for protection that I am.
#02W561 Adam Guenzel: Bullshit!
#02W562 Franklin Winthrop: Hey, everyone knows that Beecher's a fucking fag, and everyone knows you're sucking *his* cock.

"Oz: Variety (#5.6)" (2002)
Franklin Winthrop: [Guenzel has been transferred to Unit B] Oh, how the mighty hath fallen.
Adam Guenzel: Fuck you, faggot!
Vernon Schillinger: GUENZEL!
Adam Guenzel: Oh, Hi Vern. Your buddies from Em City all send regards.
Vernon Schillinger: Shut up!
Adam Guenzel: But I was...
Vernon Schillinger: [bitch-slaps Guenzel] Speak when you're spoken to!
[the other Aryans drag Guenzel into a storage room]
Franklin Winthrop: [blocking Schillinger's path] Sir. May I watch?
Vernon Schillinger: If you don't watch, how will you ever learn? After you.

"Oz: See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Smell No Evil (#6.2)" (2003)
James Robson: Vern, you gotta help me.
Vern Schillinger: Keep walking.
James Robson: After all I've done for the Brotherhood, *you owe me*!
Franklin Winthrop: You heard the man, keep walking!
James Robson: Watch your mouth, prag.
[goes for Winthrop but the other Aryans restrain him]
Franklin Winthrop: I'm not a prag anymore, pal! As for watching my *mouth*, YOU'RE the one with the *nigger gums*!
[taps his cheek]
Franklin Winthrop: Bye bye.
[Robson get kicked away by the Aryans]