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Dr. Tariq Faraj (Character)
from "Oz" (1997)

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"Oz: Variety (#5.6)" (2002)
[while performing dental surgery on Robson]
Dr. Tariq Faraj: You know, with all your warped ideology, I bet you never gave a thought as to why Adolf was so pissed off at the Jews. One theory is that he was traumatized by the death of his mother. She had breast cancer and was in the care of a Jewish physician. So his repressed hatred manifested itself into the Holocaust. Another theory is that Hitler's father was the illegitimate son a German woman and some obscure Jewish man, so Hitler *himself* had *impure* blood.
[Robson starts wriggling]
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Now, now, *don't* make me slip. 'Cause if I slip, then we are both in trouble.
Dr. Tariq Faraj: [beat] It's amazing. I mean we don't even know where this gum tissue came from. It could be a kike, a spic, maybe even a faggot.
[Robson garbles "Not a faggot"]
Dr. Tariq Faraj: I mean you could be getting the *beautiful* gums of a *big*, *black* NIGGER.
[Robson looks horrified]

Dr. Tariq Faraj: [in the dentist's office, examining X-rays of Robson's diseased gums] Well, as you can see, aside from some cavities you can see that 10 and 11 show significant rescission in the gums...
James Robson: Meaning what?
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Meaning that surgery is recommended and I would say sooner rather than later.
James Robson: What kind of fucking surgery?
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Well, you have two choices. The conventional method is to take palatal tissue from the roof of your mouth and graft it to your gums.
James Robson: Shit. That sounds fucking painful.
Dr. Tariq Faraj: It is painful. The alternative is an acellular dermal graft, where we use the gum tissue from a cadaver.
James Robson: You're kidding. Some dead person's fucking gums in my mouth?
Dr. Tariq Faraj: You could think of it as an organ donation.
James Robson: Sounds fucking creepy.
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Well, the use of your own fucking tissue would require a longer and more painful period of fucking recovery. In the end, your fucking gums would be healthy either fucking way.
James Robson: [gets in his face] Are you mocking me, Faraj?
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Fuck no.
James Robson: I don't like your Third-World bullshit attitude. And whatever I decide, Gunga, I got a thing about needles. Any anesthesia or whatever, I want gas first.
Dr. Tariq Faraj: My pleasure, Sahib.
James Robson: Oh, and one more thing. Being that I'm Aryan and you're camel shit, I'd appreciate it if you wore two pairs of those plastic gloves. You know, the less contact, the better.
[Robson leaves, Faraj curses in Arabic]

"Oz: Good Intentions (#5.7)" (2002)
James Robson: Dr. Faraj. Hello.
[Robson is holding a scalpel to Dr. Faraj's neck]
James Robson: Now *who's the FUCKING donor*?
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Please? I have a wife. I have kids.
James Robson: Then don't make me slip.
Dr. Tariq Faraj: No. No. He was *white*. He was just like you. He was just about your age.
James Robson: Prove it! Call the fucking lab or whatever!
Dr. Tariq Faraj: Ok, I'll prove it. Just get me my address book from over there.
[Robson turns around, Faraj hits him on the mouth with the phone]
Dr. Tariq Faraj: He wasn't white! I made *sure* of that! What's done is done! Officer!
[CO Johnson comes in and subdues Robson]
Dr. Tariq Faraj: He attacked me! It must be his *gums* acting up!