Officer Sean Murphy
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Officer Sean Murphy (Character)
from "Oz" (1997)

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"Oz: Out o' Time (#3.8)" (1999)
Officer Sean Murphy: [sees Alvarez, Hernandez, Ricardo and Guerra in the same pod] Why is it whenever I see the four of you together in one pod I get nervous? Whoever don't live here, out. Now.
Officer Sean Murphy: [Ricardo and Guerra leave] Hey, Hernandez. For Christ's sake it's Christmas. Take a break from being a tough guy, ok?
Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez: [after Murphy leaves] He's right. Enjoy the day.
Raoul 'El Cid' Hernandez: [turns to leave, but then goes back to Alvarez] It'll be your last.

"Oz: Unnatural Disasters (#3.4)" (1999)
Murphy: Gentlemen, this room here is the, uh, computer room. Call me crazy, but I think when I see people in this room, they should be using computers. But you three aren't, which leads me to guess, you know, 'cause I'm such a bright fella, that you're here for a different reason. Now forgive me for being distrustful, that probably means you're up to no good.
[Guerra and Hernandez get up to leave]
Murphy: That's right, take a hike. Let's go. You too, Simon.
Simon Adebisi: I am using the computer.
Murphy: Ah. Well, can I give you one little small suggestion? Turn it on.

"Oz: You Bet Your Life (#4.8)" (2000)
Simon Adebisi: [grabs Said after learning he's being transferred out of Em City] So, the end is near, huh?
Kareem Said: No! More likely things are gonna go back to the way they were before!
Simon Adebisi: Not for me - for you!
[holds a shank to Said's throat]
Kareem Said: You said you weren't gonna kill me!
Kareem Said: You swore to Allah that you were my brother!
Kareem Said: And I meant that.
Kareem Said: LIAR! I gave you that tape as a final test or your loyalty, your friendship - your love!
[cuts Said on the cheek]
Kareem Said: [screams, starts to struggle with Adebisi. The sounds radiate outside into Em City. All the inmates and COs stare in anticipation. Suddenly, a large blood stain appears on the curtains blocking their view]
Simon Adebisi: [Bursts out the door, staggering. Walks a few steps, laughs, spits out blood. Finally, falls over dead. The inmates start shouting in disbelief]
Officer Sean Murphy: [into his radio] This is 25, we got a 16!
Kareem Said: [the inmates rush up the stairs, but are blocked by COs as he stumbles out of the cell, breathing heavily, covered in blood and holding the shank]
Officer Sean Murphy: [takes out his nightstick] Drop it. Drop it! Drop the shank!
Kareem Said: [throws the shank to the ground, and is restrained by a CO]
Zahir Arif: Imam! Imam!