Hannah Kingsley
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Hannah Kingsley (Character)
from The Banger Sisters (2002)

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The Banger Sisters (2002)
Hannah: [graduation speech] I hate feeling fake more than anything in the world. You wouldn't believe what people tell you; "you've gotta get into college, you've gotta figure out what you wanna do, you've gotta make money" and we're going... my God, I feel like I'm still a kid practically, but your teachers and your parents and everybody's got everything planned out for you with high expectations. But what if it has nothing to do with you? You lose track of yourself, and that's fake! We're going into the future and I only have little clues as to what might be out there... sometimes I'm scared to death, and sometimes I'm really excited, and I just wish that for everybody in my class... no for everybody, that whatever you do, you do it true, even if you mess up... even if you fail. I'd rather fail doing my own thing, doing what I wanna do than doing that doing what someone else wants me to do and succeeding. I'd rather be fighting with my family than pretending it's all okay. To the graduating class of 2002, GO! Go into the world and do it true. Do it true!

Hannah: Mom caught me and Jules in the pool together.
Ginger: So?
Hannah: We weren't swimming.