Harry Plummer
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Harry Plummer (Character)
from The Banger Sisters (2002)

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The Banger Sisters (2002)
Suzette: [on seeing Hannah at prom looking sick] Oh god, whats she on?
Jules: Nothing, we just had champange.
Suzette: Don't bullshit me.
Prom Girl: Shes on acid.
Suzette: How long ago did she drop it?
Prom Girl: Two hours maybe?
Suzette: Two hours she's gonna be really messed up, you guys should go.
Jules: Leave her here with you? We don't even know you.
Suzette: I'm a friend of her mother's.
Jules: Yeah, right Hannah's mother.
Suzette: Lavinia Kingsley, Handsome. Now go. Go on, get out here!
Harry: Her mother is Vinny?
Suzette: Yeah. Just breathe honey
[Hannah starts throwing up]
Suzette: Ooo wow... Just let it go. Let it go. Ooo there's another one, Harry you may never shit again!

Harry: If everything isn't in order... I get... constipated
Suzette: [Looks over her drink] Like I needed to know *that*.

Suzette: Ever heard of Frank Zappa?
Harry: Sure. The Mothers of Invention.
Suzette: Wow. Very good Harry. Well, he named us. The Banger Sisters.
Harry: But you weren't really sisters.
Suzette: No
Harry: Good 'cause I wouldn't have been comfortable if you were sisters.
Suzette: You're not comfortable now, Harry.

Harry: [turns off Suzettes loud stereo] I'm 50.
Suzette: This had better be good cause you just fucked with my music.
Harry: I'm 50, and I'm going to give myself a birthday present. I'll tell you what it is but you have to promise not to judge.
Suzette: You gotta tell somebody, Harry.
Harry: I made myself a deadline. If I wasn't successful by the time I turned 50 then I'm coming back to Phoenix.
[takes a rifle out of his case]
Harry: I've never fired a gun in my life. It's got only one bullet. One bullet intended for one specific person.
Suzette: And who would that one person be, Harry?
Harry: My father. I'm going to Phoenix to kill my father.

[Harry is describing his negative childhood/father]
Harry: When I was four...
Suzette: Fuck four!

Harry: I disappointed him! He hated me!
Lavinia: Oh for goodness sakes.
[Knocks Harry over with the car]