Lavinia Kingsley
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Lavinia Kingsley (Character)
from The Banger Sisters (2002)

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The Banger Sisters (2002)
Lavinia: I want to go out but everything that I own is beige.

Lavinia: I am the same color as the Department of Motor Vehicles and you look like A FLOWER.

Ginger: He failed me for NO REASON.
Lavinia: It says here you ran a red light.
Ginger: Mom, as if I'd do that in a test.

Lavinia: You don't think they were maybe just skinny dipping?
Suzette: No they were going at it.
Lavinia: You don't think maybe they were just rubbing up against each other?
Suzette: No they were fucking.

Lavinia: I said we went to college together.
Suzette: I went to college? I'm a really bad liar Vinny!

Suzette: I saw this guy, he was on a stretcher. His face was all purple and I thought he was dead. Even he looked at my tits.
Lavinia: Maybe you revived him.

Harry: I disappointed him! He hated me!
Lavinia: Oh for goodness sakes.
[Knocks Harry over with the car]

Lavinia: [to Suzette] My God, is that really you?
Suzette: Yep! Well, no. The tits aren't me. They're fake but in here somewhere it's me!