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Quotes for
Cody Culp (Character)
from Class of 1999 (1990)

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Class of 1999 (1990)
Cody: Reach down the back of my pants.
Christie: What?
Cody: Come on! Live dangerously.

Cody: I'm going in there to waste some teachers - are you with me?

Cody: Now be careful! These things are like a bad, fucked up, George Jetson nightmare!

Cody: He was so wasted he wouldn't even know the end the bullets came out of.

Cody: [after blowing up chemistry lab] I guess I blew that course.

[Ms. Connors smacks both Cody and Hector off their bikes]
Ms. Connors: Here I am, boys.
Cody: Shoot her!
[Hector fires an rounds from an automatic gun at Ms. Connors; Hector chuckles, but Ms. Connors laughs, as the bullets have no effect on her]
Cody: Shoot her again!
[Hector fires again]
Hector: [yells] Die, you fuckin' bitch!
[Ms. Connors induce laughter as the bullets have no effect on her again]
Hector: Let's get the hell outta here!
[Ms. Connors activates her XT-6 defense hardware as Cody stabs her with a switchblade knife, revealing herself to be an android]
Ms. Connors: You're gonna need more than that, boys.

[Cody, Christy, and Hector head into the Vocational Education classroom when Dr. Forrest come from behind and holds Christy hostage with a gun to her head]
Cody: What are you, a cop?
Dr. Bob Forrest: Bob Forrest, Department of Educational Defense.
[a "Terminator"-like Mr. Bryles is seen walking down the corridor of the school]
Cody: So, you're the humanitarian who decided to bring these teachers here.
Dr. Bob Forrest: That's right. A billion-dollar operation.
Cody: Well, tough shit, Bobby. You can use what left of it for garbage cans.
[Dr. Forrest chuckles; Bryles still walking towards his enemy]
Dr. Bob Forrest: Everything was fine, just fine. This was going to be the future of education. We would've eliminated dirty, little insects like you, made me a lot of money. But now, all I have left is my reputation as a upstanding citizen. And that I intend to keep, which means, of course, none of you can survive.

[Mr. Hardin arrives at the Detention Zone]
Cody: Curt! Curt!
Mr. Hardin: [yells] Wanna rumble? Come on! COME ON!
Cody: You come on. Come on!
[Cody and Curt fires their machine guns at Hardin, but with no effect. They fire again at Hardin, but still no avail. Hardin, revealing himself as an android, self-chops off his right arm, unleashing a metallic claw]
Cody: [to Christy] Run! Run!
Mr. Hardin: I'm still coming.
[Christy tries to escape, but the gates immediately close and lock]
Christie: [screams] Help! Help!
[Hardin comes toward Cody and Curt. He smacks Curt, then he grabs Curt's head with his claw while choking Cody's neck]
Mr. Hardin: [to Curt] I'd love... to mold your mind.
Curt: [last words as Hardin operates a drill in his claw] You son-of-a-bitch! Goddamn you!
[Hardin drills into Curt's forehead, instantly killing him; Christy helplessly screams at its horrifying scene while Hardin yells]

[Cody hits Hardin, but Hardin knocks Cody down to the floor. Hardin attempts to use his prosthetic claw to kill Cody]
Mr. Hardin: You're a good fighter, Cody, but you're defeated.
Christie: Cody! Help!
Mr. Hardin: [yells] It's important to know when to surrender!
Cody: You're history, Mr. Hardin.
[Cody blasts the Hardin android with his machine gun, destroying him]

[Cody is about to rip Bryles' robotic head off with a forklift]
Cody: [screams] Have a nice stretch, COACH!