Maia Rutledge
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Maia Rutledge (Character)
from "The 4400" (2004)

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"The 4400: White Light (#1.5)" (2004)
Maia Rutledge: How long am I going to be like this?
Diana Skouris: Like what?
Maia Rutledge: I don't wanna know things before they happen. I wanna be normal, like I used to be.
Diana Skouris: It's gonna be okay, sweetie. Besides, I mean, you know, who's normal anyway?
Maia Rutledge: You are.
Diana Skouris: Ha. You wanna know a secret? Normal people, like me... they just wish they were special, like you.

Maia Rutledge: Don't worry. You'll find him.
Tom Baldwin: Find who?
Maia Rutledge: Your son, Kyle. He's the answer.
Tom Baldwin: The answer to what?
Maia Rutledge: Everything.

"The 4400: Mommy's Bosses (#2.12)" (2005)
Maia Rutledge: Nothing's over. It's just starting.
Diana Skouris: Sweetie, what are you talking about? What's started?
Maia Rutledge: The war.

"The 4400: The Great Leap Forward (#4.13)" (2007)
Maia Skouris: See? I told you he was a good guy.
Diana Skouris: Maia, can't you see what's happening? Jordan Collier is naming himself dictator of Seattle; there's nothing good about that.
Maia Skouris: You're wrong mom. We are in charge now. It's better that way.

"The 4400: The Fifth Page (#2.11)" (2005)
Maia Rutledge: I know who you are. You're the one who fixes people.
Shawn Farrell: Yeah. I'm Shawn.
Maia Rutledge: How come you're in here? Why don't you just make yourself better?
Shawn Farrell: I wish I could.
[holds up hands]
Shawn Farrell: They're broken. Kind of like the rest of me.
Maia Rutledge: I used to see things. Stuff that was gonna happen. That's gone now, too.
Shawn Farrell: It's funny, huh? When I found out I was different, all I wanted to do was be normal again.
Maia Rutledge: Me, too.
Shawn Farrell: But you get used to it. Now that it's gone, I feel like I'm missing an arm.
Maia Rutledge: It'll come back. Once we get better.
Shawn Farrell: Any idea when that's gonna be?
Maia Rutledge: Not exactly, but my mom told me everything's gonna be fine. And I believe what she says.
Shawn Farrell: That must be a nice feeling.
Maia Rutledge: Don't you have someone to believe in?
Shawn Farrell: I used to, but now I guess I'm just gonna have to believe in you.