Cathy Jones
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Cathy Jones (Character)
from Gossip (2000/I)

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Gossip (2000/I)
[Travis drawing in a cafe]
Jones: Travis.
Travis: Jones, I was just um,
Jones: Travis we gotta tell someone, you and me, I cant do this on my own.
Travis: Maybe it'll just blow over
Jones: It's not gonna blow over, if we don't tell someone...
Travis: [hits the table angrily] You wanna turn on Derrick? After everything he's done for you? You are nothing without him, you know that? That's pathetic!

Jones: Well, will wonders never cease? Derrick Webb tells the truth.

Jones: Derrick, Travis has a gun.
Derrick: [with a gun to his head] Thanks for the news flash.

Jones: I wonder who she thinks you are.
Travis: I don't know, but I bet he gets laid a lot.

[first lines]
Jones: I'm a girl with a problem. It's not like I don't know better. But I seem to have gotten myself involved a very tempting situation.