Desmond Rhodes
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Desmond Rhodes (Character)
from The Perfect Score (2004)

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The Perfect Score (2004)
Desmond Rhodes: [when group explains reasons for cooperating] I'm here cuz the SAT is racist.
Matty: Well, that didn't take long, did it?
Desmond Rhodes: What, you don't think so? Who made the test? Rich white guys. Who scored the highest on the test?
Roy: [interrupts Desmond] Asian chicks. Middle-class asian girls who watch less than an hour of television a day. They can't drive, but they can kick the shit out of the SAT.

Roy: [going through SAT questions] You know, a lot of people would think these questions are difficult... not me.
Desmond Rhodes: No?
Roy: No. These questions all have answers.

Desmond Rhodes: [explaining his reason to steal the SAT answers] Who created the test? Rich, white guys. Who scored highest on the test?
Roy: [interrupts] Asian chicks! Middle-class Asian girls who watch less than an hour of TV a day... they can't drive, but they kick the shit out of the SAT!