Jeff Rosso
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Jeff Rosso (Character)
from "Freaks and Geeks" (1999)

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"Freaks and Geeks: Carded and Discarded (#1.7)" (2000)
Lindsay Weir: I don't need your help.
Jeff Rosso: Ok. Tell you what. Why don't I just visit you then in the *prison*, where you'll be living, and give you some really good advice, like, y'know, should you get shanked in the yard or in the dining hall? When you have your baby, which prison guard should take care of it? That kind of thing. That'd be a great way to do my job, don't ya think?
Lindsay Weir: Y'know, only time will tell. See you at the prison yard.

Lindsay Weir: You know who didn't go to college? Albert Einstein
Jeff Rosso: You know who else didn't go to college?
Lindsay Weir: Who?
Jeff Rosso: Frank
Lindsay Weir: Frank who?
Jeff Rosso: Frank, the guy who pumps gas into my car

"Freaks and Geeks: Beers and Weirs (#1.2)" (1999)
Jeff Rosso: Maybe if you don't drink, you will be cool.

"Freaks and Geeks: Chokin' and Tokin' (#1.13)" (2000)
Jeff Rosso: How dumb do I look?
Ken Miller: Do you really want to know?

"Freaks and Geeks: Girlfriends and Boyfriends (#1.8)" (2000)
Jeff Rosso: I. Have. Herpes. It doesn't hurt that much, but believe me, you don't want it.
Lindsay Weir: Can I please go now?
Jeff Rosso: I just blew your mind, didn't I.