Hans Belker
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Hans Belker (Character)
from Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] The woman in room number 29, she said she wants to talk to you.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Tell him to stop jabbering and go shopping.
Alec McKuen: Uhh, what about lamps?
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] The woman in room number 29, she said...
Alec McKuen: Ah, uh, lamps... lamps. What about... ah... picks?

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] There is a tunnel on this side.
Carla Goetabaug: He says there's a tunnel on the other side.
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] And they slant downhill, and we can walk them.
Carla Goetabaug: Slanting downhill, but walkable.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] O, madam, will you all come down here where the boy fell. It is so wonderfully beautiful down there.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: What's happened now? What's he saying?
Carla Goetabaug: He said we should go back to where Alec fell.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] He is guilty.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] Excuse me, madam, can you tell me, where do we go now, what do we do now?

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] Madam, the tunnel lies straight upwards, but there is a big rock in the way and sadly we can't move it. Only a landslide could move it.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic, to his duck] My Gotrun, have you been lonely?

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Young man with the gold tooth, I'll give you more gold if you guide us to Reykjavik.
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] Ahh, yes, yes, yes, Reykjavik.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You... take us... to Reykjavik.

Where Time Began (1977)
Prof. Otto Lindenbrock: Supposing I pay you one sheep a week, with a bonus of two rams on our safe return?
Hans Belker: When do we leave?