Carla Gteborg
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Carla Gteborg (Character)
from Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
Carla Goetabaug: Whom did you intend to take along besides this young man?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: The big Icelander.
Carla Goetabaug: Then I'll be very useful. He doesn't understand a word of English.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] There is a tunnel on this side.
Carla Goetabaug: He says there's a tunnel on the other side.
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] And they slant downhill, and we can walk them.
Carla Goetabaug: Slanting downhill, but walkable.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] O, madam, will you all come down here where the boy fell. It is so wonderfully beautiful down there.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: What's happened now? What's he saying?
Carla Goetabaug: He said we should go back to where Alec fell.

Carla Goetabaug: [in Icelandic] Hans, let him go.

Carla Goetabaug: Sir Oliver, you're not going to listen to a murderer?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Never interrupt a murderer, madam.
Count Saknussemm: I resent that bourgeois classification. I'll spare your lives. You have my word of honor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Give me your hand on that.
[Sir Oliver throws salt into Count Saknussemm's eyes]
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: A bourgeois trick. So sorry.

Carla Goetabaug: Someone is walking up there. I heard footsteps, human footsteps.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Madam, since the beginning of time, all women have heard footsteps "up there."

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Your entire presence is a constant criticism of me. I'm tired of it, I've had enough!
Carla Goetabaug: You've had enough! Well, let me tell you, you... you dried up walnut of a man, if anyone's had enough, it's me!
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: It's *I*.

Carla Goetabaug: Poor Sir Oliver, stuck with a woman. If only you could see your face.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: That's my consolation, madam, I don't have to look at it. You do.

Carla Goetabaug: There's no need to lose that patient voice with me, Professor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Would you rather I use an impatient voice?
Carla Goetabaug: Professor Linderbrook, I am a member of this expedition, and as such I intend to report any observation I make.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Alec, put it down in the record that a member of the expedition reports... rats in the attic. Lights out!

Carla Goetabaug: You know, it's one thing to spend ones days and nights with a man under the earth, another under one roof in Scotland.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Well, ehh... what do you propose?
Carla Goetabaug: Oh, that's not a word I'd bandy about, Professor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: What did I say? Which word?
Carla Goetabaug: I THOUGHT it would catch in your throat.