Prof. Otto Lindenbrock
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Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Are we to be abducted every day in Iceland?

Carla Goetabaug: Whom did you intend to take along besides this young man?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: The big Icelander.
Carla Goetabaug: Then I'll be very useful. He doesn't understand a word of English.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You won't find anything edible in there.
Alec McKuen: Why not? The Chinese eat eggs over 400 years old.

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] The woman in room number 29, she said she wants to talk to you.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Tell him to stop jabbering and go shopping.
Alec McKuen: Uhh, what about lamps?
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] The woman in room number 29, she said...
Alec McKuen: Ah, uh, lamps... lamps. What about... ah... picks?

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Thank you, Scartaris!

Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] O, madam, will you all come down here where the boy fell. It is so wonderfully beautiful down there.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: What's happened now? What's he saying?
Carla Goetabaug: He said we should go back to where Alec fell.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Young man with the gold tooth, I'll give you more gold if you guide us to Reykjavik.
Hans Belker: [in Icelandic] Ahh, yes, yes, yes, Reykjavik.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You... take us... to Reykjavik.

Alec McKuen: [after discovering Professor Göteborg dead in his hotel room] Why didn't they tell us at the desk?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Hotels rarely advertise the fact that there are corpses lying around.

Carla Goetabaug: Sir Oliver, you're not going to listen to a murderer?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Never interrupt a murderer, madam.
Count Saknussemm: I resent that bourgeois classification. I'll spare your lives. You have my word of honor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Give me your hand on that.
[Sir Oliver throws salt into Count Saknussemm's eyes]
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: A bourgeois trick. So sorry.

Carla Goetabaug: Someone is walking up there. I heard footsteps, human footsteps.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Madam, since the beginning of time, all women have heard footsteps "up there."

Laird of Glendarick: Sir Oliver, in the name of the whole student body, in gratitude for the knowledge you have imparted to us...
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: That's enough obituary prose. An inkwell I presume. A very handsome thing. Hellish to dust.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: We'll observe one minute of silence in memory of a great scientist, even if he was a blasted thief.

Alec McKuen: I wonder if Madam Goetabaug will change her mind at the last moment.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You make my mouth water.
Alec McKuen: Hans is tying the rope on her.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: I'm a fool. I should have told him to tie her to one of the mules and send her back where she belongs.
Alec McKuen: In what language would you have told him that, Sir Oliver?
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: All right, she may be of some use in that respect. Then there's always the blessed chance the rope may break.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Do you realize we know less about the earth we live on than about the stars and the galaxies of outer space? The greatest mystery is right here, right under our feet!

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Come here, take a look.
[Alec cowers when he sees how high on the mountain they are]
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Did you expect a flight of stairs with a red carpet?
Alec McKuen: I... I neglected to tell you, sir, I... I have a nervous fear of heights.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Well, you'll get over that after the first million fathoms or so.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: A field of force that snatches gold away! This is it, this is it! The junction of magnetic forces from the North Pole to the South Pole - the center of the earth!

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: [after finding crumbling loaves of ancient bread] Stale bread. We must speak to the baker.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Where are you eating tonight?
Alec McKuen: U-uh... this being Tuesday, I-I'm not eating.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Oh?
Alec McKuen: I-I find it very healthy to... to eat only every other night.

Dean: Oliver, you're seriously ill.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: I am seriously well!

Count Saknussemm: To save what we can, I insist that we leave these regions at once.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You insist? As a matter of fact, he's bloody well right. Let's be off.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Your entire presence is a constant criticism of me. I'm tired of it, I've had enough!
Carla Goetabaug: You've had enough! Well, let me tell you, you... you dried up walnut of a man, if anyone's had enough, it's me!
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: It's *I*.

Carla Goetabaug: Poor Sir Oliver, stuck with a woman. If only you could see your face.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: That's my consolation, madam, I don't have to look at it. You do.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: A dimetrodon!
Count Saknussemm: If I had my gun, we'd have fresh meat for dinner.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: That's what he's saying. He's a flesh eater.

Alec McKuen: After all, we... we did hit the center of the earth.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: It hit us, laddie.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: We're scientists, aren't we? That's one society where frayed cuffs don't matter. We've ALL had 'em.

Carla Goetabaug: There's no need to lose that patient voice with me, Professor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Would you rather I use an impatient voice?
Carla Goetabaug: Professor Linderbrook, I am a member of this expedition, and as such I intend to report any observation I make.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Alec, put it down in the record that a member of the expedition reports... rats in the attic. Lights out!

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Tired minds don't plan well. Sleep first, plan later.

Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: This I know: the spirit of Man can not be stopped.

Carla Goetabaug: You know, it's one thing to spend ones days and nights with a man under the earth, another under one roof in Scotland.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: Well, ehh... what do you propose?
Carla Goetabaug: Oh, that's not a word I'd bandy about, Professor.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: What did I say? Which word?
Carla Goetabaug: I THOUGHT it would catch in your throat.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Trail of Gold (#1.17)" (1967)
Cindy Lindenbrook: [pointing] Look!
Alec McEwan: That's a unicorn.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: The symbol of Atlantis.
Cindy Lindenbrook: See? I knew it was Atlantis.

Alec McEwan: Professor, that's not gold.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: It's iron pyrite. Fools gold! And I think we've been the fools.

Cindy Lindenbrook: You mean... this place isn't anywhere near Atlantis?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: I'm afraid not, Cindy. It's all false, just like the metal it's made of.

Lars: I Think that is the end of the false Atlantis.
Cindy Lindenbrook: [sighs] And the end of our chances of ever getting home.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: No, Cindy. At least now we know that the legends of Atlantis are true. And that, somewhere at the center of the Earth, there really is a pasageway that will take us back to the surface.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Perils of Volcano Island (#1.13)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Hmm... volcanic composition...
Alec McEwan: Means we can expect fireworks.
Lars: Crazy! Not even July of fourth!

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: You remember our friend Tyrannos Rex?
Lars: He's no friend of mine.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Poor fellow, he meant no harm. He didn't wanna come out of prehistory. But it must have been another gas that brought him to life.

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Thank you, Lars, you saved my life.
Lars: [laughs] I charge you extra on wages you don't pay me.

Alec McEwan: Our last minutes on Earth and he's quibbeling about words.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Words are powerful things, Alec.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Cavemen Captives (#1.2)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Even with one arm, Lars can overpower almost any situation.

Alec McEwan: Where are we?
[a caveman grunts to get them on the move]
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: We are in a prehistoric caveman village. I calculate that we are a few hundred miles below the sands of the Arabian desert.
Alec McEwan: How do you figure that?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Look at the walls of this canyon. They're covered with the fill of crude oil. This is the base of the greatest oil vein in the Earth.
Alec McEwan: Boy, if we could rig a pipeline down here, we'd be rich!
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: If we can't figure a way out of here, we'll be dead.

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: It seems we are indebted to the cavemen.
Cindy Lindenbrook: Why is that, Uncle Oliver?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: They chased us in the right direction.
[all laugh]

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Living City (#1.9)" (1967)
Alec McEwan: That's the strangest looking sand boat I've ever seen.
Cindy Lindenbrook: [giggles] And I'll bet it's the first time anyone's used a raincoat for a sail.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Well, there's not much chance of rain today.
Lars: Or any other day!

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Great Scott! The whole city is attacking us!

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Doomed Island (#1.5)" (1967)
Lars: Is that lightning?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: You could call it underground ligtning. Spectral magnetic charges atracted by that island.

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: This time we were lucky to have missed the boat.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Sleeping Slaves of Zeerah (#1.16)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Count Saknussemm didn't intend this, I'm sure but he seems to have provided us with gunpowder. The one essential ingredient I've been lacking: sulfur.
Lars: Sulfur? You mean like in matches?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Right. I've been collecting the other ingredients: charcoal and potassium nitrate.
Cindy Lindenbrook: Are you going to make bullets, Uncle Oliver?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: A blasting powder at least, I hope. For future needs.

Lars: If they didn't have those spears, they wouldn't push me around.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Easy, Lars.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Living Totems (#1.10)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: A large diamond, giving off light like an aurora borealis, where have I heard of it before?

Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: There they come.
Lars: A very good sight for our frozen eyes!

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Labyrinth Builders (#1.7)" (1967)
Alec McEwan: What was that?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: The wind, Alec. It makes strange noises through stalactites.

Count Saknussemm: Loog, Torg, the professor seems to be at the end of his rope.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: In the name of decency man, help us up!
Count Saknussemm: Decency? You must be losing your grip!
[very evil laughter]

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Land of the Dead (#1.8)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: You'll never have another piggyback ride like this one: over hot quicksand!
Cindy Lindenbrook: I sure hope not...

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Moths of Doom (#1.11)" (1967)
Lars: I over here, professor. I think we be in some kind funny jail.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: There's no doubt about that. But who are our captors?

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Arena of Fear (#1.1)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Anyone want to back out?
[Gertrude quacks]
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Gertrude! Not you?
Lars: No, no, Gertrude brave and foolish like rest of us. She only say: 'If raft turn over...
[another quack]
Lars: ... she's glad she's a duck.
[all laugh]

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Creature World (#1.3)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Would you attack an unarmed man?
Count Saknussemm: Of course, my dear professor!

Where Time Began (1977)
Prof. Otto Lindenbrock: Supposing I pay you one sheep a week, with a bonus of two rams on our safe return?
Hans Belker: When do we leave?

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Return of Gulliver (#1.14)" (1967)
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: We have followed signs like this from the upper world. Does this mean we are near Atlantis, the center of the Earth?
Little Person: No. This is but the Land of the Giants. We are from across the great water. We were swept here by the wind.

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: The Frozen Furies (#1.6)" (1967)
Chief Hok: I suspect there are more of you nearby. Are they in the cave below?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: There's noone else in that cave.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Now...

"Journey to the Center of the Earth: Creatures of the Swamp (#1.4)" (1967)
Lars: Do not worry, the professor will think of something, he always does.
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: [scene desolves, indicating a lapse in time] Well, here's what I thought off:
Cindy Lindenbrook: What is it?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: It's a swamp buggy, of course.
Alec McEwan: But what makes it go, what drives it?
Professor Oliver Lindenbrook: Can't you tell? Lars drives it.
[Lars is not amused]
Lars: [another timelapse. Lars is turning the wheel of the buggy by hand] I think next I use keep quiet. and maybe you think of something else!