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Quotes for
Ross (Character)
from The Ipcress File (1965)

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The Ipcress File (1965)
Major Dalby: The Americans have put a tail on Palmer.
Colonel Ross: How very tiresome of them.

Colonel Ross: [shopping with Palmer] Beef-A-Roni? Extraordinary.

Colonel Ross: [after Palmer has shot Dalby] I was counting on you being an insubordinate bastard, Palmer.

Colonel Ross: [telling Palmer about his upcoming transfer to Major Dalby's department] You won't have much time for cooking. Dalby *works* his men. And he doesn't have my sense of humor.
Palmer: [Said with a straight face] Yes, sir. I will miss that, sir.

Colonel Ross: [Inside a modern grocery store, picking up a can of mushrooms out of Palmer's shopping cart] "Champignons"... You're paying ten pence more for a fancy French label. If you want mushrooms, you'd get better value on the next shelf.
Palmer: It's not just the label. These *do* have a better flavor.
Colonel Ross: Of course... You're quite the gourmet, aren't you?

Palmer: [Inside the modern grocery store] I haven't seen you here before, sir.
Colonel Ross: No, well, I don't, um, really care for these American... shopping methods. One has to move with the times, I suppose, hmm?

Palmer: Stick *that* in my B-107.
Colonel Ross: Very funny.

Palmer: [Reporting to Col. Ross's office] Sergeant Palmer, reporting as ordered.
Colonel Ross: Close the door... And don't slouch into my office like a pregnant camel. Stand to attention.

Colonel Ross: You just love the army, don't you?
Palmer: Oh, yes, sir. I just love the army, sir.

Colonel Ross: I want you to do a job for me.
Palmer: Have I any choice?
Colonel Ross: Frankly, no.

Funeral in Berlin (1966)
Harry Palmer: I think that Vulkan is connected with this man Broum.
Ross: Brilliant, Palmer. Vulkan *is* this man Paul Louis Broum.

Harry Palmer: Do you mean that Her Majesty's government employs ex-Nazis, sir?
Ross: [referring to Palmer himself] And thieves, Palmer.

Ross: Well, you've bungled the rest of it. Get rid of him.
Harry Palmer: Pardon?
Ross: *Kill* him.
Harry Palmer: I'm not killing anybody in cold blood.
Ross: Then provoke him, if that's going to satisfy your scruples.