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Quotes for
Dalby (Character)
from The Ipcress File (1965)

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The Ipcress File (1965)
Major Dalby: The next time you use CC1 authority, just you make sure you have it!
Palmer: You know, it's funny... If Radcliffe had been here, I'd have been... a hero.
Major Dalby: He wasn't. And you're not.

Major Dalby: The Americans have put a tail on Palmer.
Colonel Ross: How very tiresome of them.

Major Dalby: [of Palmer's dossier] It isn't usual to read a B107 to its subject, Palmer; but I'm gonna put you straight. "Insubordinate. Insolent. A trickster. Perhaps with criminal tendencies."
Palmer: Yes, that's a pretty fair appraisal - sir.
Major Dalby: Good. That last quality might be useful. But if I have any trouble with you, Palmer, I shall *bite* you, Palmer, and I shall bite you so hard you'll go right back to where Ross found you!

Palmer: The fellow whose job I'm taking, will he show me the ropes?
Major Dalby: Maybe - if you're in touch with the spirit world.
Palmer: I beg your pardon?
Major Dalby: He was shot this morning.

[Palmer and Dalby are attending a performance of a military band playing Mozart]
Palmer: Very neat. Must we sit through any more of this torture? I've got a lot of things to do.
Major Dalby: I think they're playing very well.
Palmer: Tell me who wins.
[gets up and leaves]

Raid Inspector: It looks as if all this has been laid on for nothing. That's not good enough.
Major Dalby: According to Central Clearing House, this operation was timed to start at 2.25. You started at 2.35. *That*'s not good enough!

Major Dalby: And we still have to find Radcliffe, gentlemen. That means more legwork and fewer inspired hunches.

Major Dalby: Congratulations, Palmer. You've just killed an American agent.

Major Dalby: A word in your shell-like ear: If there's anything to be reported to Ross, *I* report it. Understand?
Palmer: Yes, sir.

Major Dalby: [at the armorers] Give him your gun. Issue him with a Colt .32.
Murray: [hands Palmer a revolver] Do you know how to use this?
Palmer: Colt .32? Yes. I'd sooner have my automatic...
Major Dalby: [sternly] Use the Colt.
Palmer: I'll use the Colt.