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Leo Newbigen (Character)
from Billion Dollar Brain (1967)

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Billion Dollar Brain (1967)
[Harry is shown a terminal of the Brain]
Harry Palmer: What does it do, tell fortunes?
Leo Newbigen: It *makes* fortunes: ours! Just a little toy, but it puts the MI5 and the CIA back into the Stone Age.

Harry Palmer: OK, Leo, what's the catch?
Leo Newbigen: There's no catch.
Harry Palmer: Then who gets killed?
Leo Newbigen: Nobody gets killed.
Harry Palmer: There's no catch, and nobody gets killed? I'd still like to know more about it, Leo.

Leo Newbigen: [Nude in the sauna with Anya] Harry hey, what do you think, huh? Isn't she something?
Harry Palmer: Yeah, she's great. How's the wife and kids, Leo?

Harry Palmer: What exactly have you been saying we do in Latvia?
Leo Newbigen: I told the brain exactly what it wanted to hear.
Harry Palmer: Oh, yes? What would that be, Leo?
Leo Newbigen: I told it we had three hundred agents in Latvia dismantling missile sites and professional saboteurs ready for armed insurrection.
Harry Palmer: Er, or political assassination.
Leo Newbigen: Um, hmn. Mass uprisings...
Harry Palmer: Over throwing governments.
Leo Newbigen: Yeah, over throwing anything at all.
Harry Palmer: Three hundred agents? How much a week?
Leo Newbigen: Thirty thousand dollars.
Harry Palmer: Thirty thousand dollars a week?
Leo Newbegin: Plus expenses and from now on, you're in on half.
Harry Palmer: Oh, thank you, Leo. But I would like to stay alive to spend it. That lunatic is about to invade Soviet territory.
Leo Newbigen: And we're not going to be around when he does.
Harry Palmer: When he gets within five miles of the Latvian border, every alarm in the whole world will blow and four minutes later, nobody is going to be around.
Leo Newbigen: You want your money, don't you?

Leo Newbigen: [Offering Palmer a cigarette] Cigarette?
Harry Palmer: [accepting it] Half-a-million thanks.

Harry Palmer: [as they're all sitting in a steamy Finnish sauna] Leo, you look great... better than the last time I saw you.
Leo Newbigen: Yeah, In Prague. I haven't forgotten.
Leo Newbigen: [to Anya] That guy there saved my life. Fished me out of the Moldau.
Harry Palmer: I had to. He had the car... keys in his pocket.
Anya: Well, we must have a celebration. What do you think? Champagne? Brandy? Whisky? Vodka? What do you like?
Harry Palmer: I wouldn't mind a cup of tea...
Anya: [Bursts out laughing] How beautiful! It's so beautiful, for the Englishman to have his tea!