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Pete Thornton (Character)
from "MacGyver" (1985)

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"MacGyver: The Survivors (#4.6)" (1989)
[MacGyver and Pete are rock climbing to get away from thugs]
MacGyver: This next part may be a little complicated.
Pete: You mean, compared to the day at the beach we've had so far?

Pete: You know, I asked for this recertification before you rotated out of this assignment.
MacGyver: Why?
Pete: Because if I'm going to wash out, I'd rather do it in front of a real friend.

MacGyver: Now I like that, Pete. You're thinking like a smuggler.
Pete: Well, the brain is the last thing to go.
MacGyver: Yeah? What's the first?
Pete: Uh ...
Pete: Can't remember.

Pete: Well, the brain is the last thing to go.
MacGyver: Yeah? What's the first?
Pete: Ah... can't remember.
[putting his arms up at his sides quickly]

Pete: You know, I would think out of respect for an older man, and your superior, you would have the common decency to be a little bit winded!
[hicking behind MacGyver]

[last lines]
Pete: Hey. You know, I lost six pounds out there. I may start dating again.
MacGyver: Oh, Nurse!

"MacGyver: Deep Cover (#5.17)" (1990)
Pete Thornton: [other end of the phone] I don't want you leaving that jail without a back up, you understand?
MacGyver: [Joe walks up now] Uh, you bet, Baby Cakes. I'd like to do that, too. Listen, I gotta go. My ride's here. I love you, too, Creme Puff.
Pete Thornton: Baby Cakes. Creme Puff. MacGyver!
MacGyver: [hanging up] It's my steady girlfriend. We're in love.
Joe Banneker: I'm happy for you Romeo. Now let's go.
MacGyver: You got a steady girl friend?

[MacGyver escaping from a watery trap]
Pete Thornton: MacGyver! What are you doing in there?
MacGyver: The backstroke, Pete.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Well, it looks like we won the first battle.
MacGyver: Yeah. Now if we could just win the war.
Pete Thornton: [sighs] Yeah.

[first lines]
MacGyver: Bow plane, 12 degrees. Response to surface controls, good.
Pete Thornton: All right, activate the sonar.
Dr. Gwen Carpenter: Sonar engaged.

"MacGyver: On a Wing and a Prayer (#4.4)" (1988)
Pete: How are we doing?
MacGyver: We're doing great, Pete. We'll have you out of here in no time.
Pete: Heh. You never were a good liar.

[last lines]
Pete: MacGyver, the next time you want to ask Jack Dalton to do you a favor, do me a favor.
MacGyver: I know Pete. Don't.
Pete: Don't!
MacGyver: Don't.

Pete: Jack, where's MacGyver?
Jack: He's ... flying economy, Pete. Uh... Not to worry, he's uh... he's comfortable.
MacGyver: [clinging to bottom of plane] JAAAAAAAAACK!

"MacGyver: Good Knight MacGyver: Part 1 (#7.7)" (1991)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: Well, like I told MacGyver, if anyone could trace a family tree, it's Dr. Irwin Malcolm.
Dr. Irwin Malcolm: Now, the MacGyver name disappears somewhere in the 17th century, but the M'Iver clan can be traced all the way back to the 14th century.

Pete Thornton: [as King Arthur] Merlin has demonstrated his power. Now you must offer proof of yours. Or for having falsely claimed the gift... forfeit your life.
MacGyver: You guys don't mess around, do you?

Pete Thornton: [as King Arthur] Show us some good magic, stranger. Some magic of creation, or by this court you must die.
MacGyver: You guys are so strict.

"MacGyver: The Odd Triple (#3.14)" (1988)
Pete: We can't break in. We've got to get in somehow. We've got to sneak in...
Jack: Disguised as what? Mother Theresa and a leper?

Pete: Jack, having you as a friend is a little bit like owning a pet disease.

[last lines]
MacGyver: Well. Sorry to bust in on you like this.
Pete: What kept ya?
Jack: Are we great or what. What a team and since we're already all here together, I heard about this sunken treasure. Fifty million dollars in Nazi gold. See, this ship was torpedoed right off the coast and the gold was lost. All we gotta do is get a diving bell and three bathing suits and...

"MacGyver: The Road Not Taken (#2.7)" (1986)
Pete: Mac, I have just one question about rappelling: what do you do if the line breaks?
MacGyver: You fall.
Pete: Oh.

[first lines]
Pilot: [entering a hostile country] We just crossed the border.
Pete: Pilot says we just left Thailand. He's not a happy guy.
MacGyver: I don't blame him.

[last lines]
MacGyver: I'll never meet anyone like her.
Pete: I know exactly how you feel.

"MacGyver: Fraternity of Thieves (#4.10)" (1989)
MacGyver: Pete, a parent can only take so much responsibility.
Pete Thornton: I wish it was that simple. I think we're all responsible. And I think some of us... maybe a lot of us, have been sending out the wrong signals.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Michael, you remember what I said about being friends? Well, that still goes. And friends stand by each other... through everything. I'm your friend. Come on. Let's go, son.

"MacGyver: Runners (#4.13)" (1989)
Jennifer/Crystal: You wanna date?
Pete Thornton: [in disbelief] A date?
Jennifer/Crystal: Sure. Let's go for it.
Pete Thornton: Are you kidding?
Jennifer/Crystal: How 'bout you?
MacGyver: Shouldn't you be in school?
Jennifer/Crystal: I'm on a field trip. Do you wanna help me with my homework?

[first lines]
Pete Thornton: Boy! You don't how glad I am to see you.
Pete Thornton: Gee. Thanks. You know how much I like conventions. What's the big emergency?

"MacGyver: Serenity (#5.12)" (1990)
[first lines]
MacGyver: [angrily] Thanks for the ride!
Pete Thornton: Well, now, wait a minute. Hold it. We're not through talking yet.
MacGyver: I am.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: What's this?
[picks up the knife from MacGyver's dream]
Pete Thornton: Wow, look at that. Well, you don't want to lose that. Looks like it's 100 years old.

"MacGyver: Early Retirement (#3.12)" (1988)
MacGyver: [Using Pete's ID to check files on a computer] Let's take a look at his operations agenda. You got a password?
Pete Thornton: Yeah. "Agenda".

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: This whole experience has taught me I'm a little bit out of shape.
MacGyver: No, Pete. You're not out of shape.
Pete Thornton: Yes, I am and I'm going back to school.
MacGyver: School?
Pete Thornton: That's right. Karate school. This is the last time that anybody decks me with their foot. Hai!

"MacGyver: Hind-Sight (#6.21)" (1991)
MacGyver: [walking into Pete's hospital room] Vacation, huh? Why didn't you tell me, Pete?
Pete Thornton: Well, what's to tell? I've got glaucoma. I'm going blind. And I'm gonna have surgery... to see if maybe, just maybe, some of the sight that I've got left can be saved. How did you find out?
MacGyver: I'm a clever guy.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Oh, wait a minute. MacGyver, did anybody at Phoenix say anything about my resignation?
MacGyver: Uh... nope.
Pete Thornton: No one?
MacGyver: Well, I don't see how they could. It's still sitting on your desk.
Pete Thornton: What!
MacGyver: Pete, you're the one that said that all matters pertaining to personnel has to go through your office.
Pete Thornton: MacGyver! That is just like you! Oh! You wait until I'm back on my feet. I'm gonna get you!
MacGyver: I'm counting on it.

"MacGyver: Cleo Rocks (#4.9)" (1989)
Pete Thornton: But you're dead!
Murdoc: Would you care to join me?

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: MacGyver asked me to bring this back from the theater.
Penny: My Star.
MacGyver: You might want to hang onto that. I think your gonna need it soon.
Penny: Oh, MacGyver.
MacGyver: Oh, Penny.

"MacGyver: The Gun (#6.3)" (1990)
Pete Thornton: Don't thank me. I was born a warm and wonderful human being.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Well, that is about 1,000 guns that nobody is gonna use on anybody else.
MacGyver: Yeah. A 1,000 down. Only a 100 million to go.

"MacGyver: Obsessed (#7.3)" (1991)
Pete Thornton: [of reading large text on a computer screen because of his glaucoma] Thanks to modern technology, I'm still getting stuck with my share of the paperwork.

[last lines]
MacGyver: They didn't find Murdoc's body, did they?
Pete Thornton: No. But that doesn't mean anything. I mean, his body could have been consumed in the heat of that fire. It was very intense. Or maybe the whole thing got washed away in the tide.
MacGyver: [answering telephone] Hello?... Hello?
[a man is heard laughing then hangs up]
Pete Thornton: What's the matter? You got trouble on the line or something?
MacGyver: Yeah... Or Something.

"MacGyver: Bushmaster (#2.19)" (1987)
Pete Thornton: [Handing over a gun to MacGyver] Here. Just for insurance.
MacGyver: Pete, you know how I feel about those things.
Pete Thornton: Yeah, I do, but you're defenseless out here.
MacGyver: No, just weaponless.

[first lines]
MacGyver: [after Pete takes out the person about to shoot MacGyver] Thanks.
Pete Thornton: Your welcome.

"MacGyver: Humanity (#6.2)" (1990)
[first lines]
K-Man: [look-out into communicator] The Americans are here.
Major Krik: We move.
[leads a band of mercenaries out]
Pete Thornton: [getting out of a car] Thank you.
Capt. Ion Cuzo: Mr. Thornton, Mr. MacGyver. I am Capitan Ion Cuzo of the National Police. I am the, uh, baby-sitter for you and the other delegates. This way.

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: His life was programmed right from the start.
MacGyver: Oh, he never had a chance.
Pete Thornton: Well, at least he discovered his own humanity... in the end. That's something, MacGyver.
MacGyver: That's a lot.

"MacGyver: Ghost Ship (#3.4)" (1987)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: [flying over a wilderness area] MacGyver. Great place to start day one of your vacation.
MacGyver: Vacation, nothing. This a Phoenix sponsored save the wilderness mapping expedition and don't you forget it. Just ask the Department of Interior over there.

[last lines]
[animal sounds being heard]
Pete Thornton: [showing up with a cassette player making the sounds] Pretty slick, huh? They found this connected to the PA system on the ship. The pirates used it to give new life to the, uh, Sasquatch legend.
Joanna: [holding up the cassette tape from the player] The making of a legend?
[Sounds continues with the cassette out of the player]

"MacGyver: The Assassin (#1.22)" (1986)
Pete: Be careful.
MacGyver: Yes, mother.

[last lines]
Pete: And, Piedra's dead. Fair enough.
MacGyver: Yeah, almost.
Pete: What does that mean?
MacGyver: Well, it's just that I'll never know for sure.
Pete: Oh...
Terry Ross: Know what?
Pete: [chuckling] Whether or not he could have taken him.

"MacGyver: The Negotiator (#3.15)" (1988)
Pete Thornton: Oh, ah, thanks for wearing a shirt and tie; looks great. Can't talk you into a hair cut, can I?
[pats MacGyver on a shoulder and walks off]

[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Mr. Knapp is directly responsible for a conspiracy to commit murder.
Remick: That's outrageous.
Mr. Knapp: This is libelous. You have no proof of such an absurd accusation.
MacGyver: Yes, we do, Mr. Knapp. We have direct testimony.
Deborah: [Deborah entering room in handcuffs] Don't be so surprised. I'm a negotiator, Mr. Knapp. You know that. Testifying against you is just the best deal I could make.

"MacGyver: Easy Target (#4.17)" (1989)
[first lines]
MacGyver: [narration] It's occurred to me that some friendships are like a good game of hockey. The right balance of team work and smooth skating generally adds up to a winning combination. Like me and Pete Thornton. Partner, boss, friend - you can't do much better than that. But sometimes things come up that test the best of friendships, and this weekend of skiing was one of them.
Pete Thornton: It wasn't my fault!
MacGyver: Whose fault was it?
Pete Thornton: The guy cut me off, what was I supposed to do?

[last lines]
MacGyver: So Pete, what do you feel like doing next weekend?
Pete Thornton: Well I...
MacGyver: [dismissively taps him on the belly and walks away]

"MacGyver: Partners (#2.18)" (1987)
Pete Thornton: I operate on a need-to-know basis.
Pete Thornton: . I guess you need to know.

"MacGyver: Brainwashed (#4.16)" (1989)
[last lines]
MacGyver: [staring off into the distance]
Pete Thornton: MacGyver?
Pete Thornton: MacGyver.
Jack: This isn't funny, Mac.
Jack: Mac!
MacGyver: [breaking into a smile] What?

"MacGyver: High Control (#6.15)" (1991)
MacGyver: Hey. What's that?
Pete Thornton: Eye drops.
MacGyver: I can see they're eye drops. What's wrong with your eyes?
Pete Thornton: Nothing. Just, uh, lately they've been itching a lot, that's all.

"MacGyver: Renegade (#4.18)" (1989)
Dr. Kozby: Well you know the Research and Development budget?
Pete Thornton: Yeah...
Dr. Kozby: I kinda spent it all on the Research part.

"MacGyver: D. O. A.: MacGyver (#2.21)" (1987)
Pete Thornton: His name is MacGyver. He can fix anything.

"MacGyver: Children of Light (#5.7)" (1989)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: Careful. You've got less than a minute. It's set to go off at 12.
MacGyver: Give me a screwdriver. Quick, come on.
Pete Thornton: You've got it?
MacGyver: I don't know.

"MacGyver: The Ten Percent Solution (#5.9)" (1989)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: Hi, Pete.
MacGyver: MacGyver, you look terrific. You should wear a tux more often.
MacGyver: Strictly camouflage. Long as I have to be here, I might as well blend in.

"MacGyver: Blind Faith (#6.17)" (1991)
[last lines]
Pete Thornton: [regarding burns on MacGyver's hands] So what'd they say?
MacGyver: I'm gonna heal.
Pete Thornton: Okay to ride with you?
MacGyver: I'd like that.
Pete Thornton: So... wanna go bowling?

"MacGyver: Black Rhino (#5.8)" (1989)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: I'm telling you, Billy Colton has compromised our files, and I don't like it.

"MacGyver: The Human Factor (#2.1)" (1986)
[last lines]
MacGyver: It was the elevator shaft.
Pete Thornton: What elevator?
MacGyver: The fire at Brookhurst Chemical. I used the elevator shaft, not the exhaust system.
Pete Thornton: [thinking about it] No...
MacGyver: Yep.
Pete Thornton: It couldn't be.
MacGyver: It was.

"MacGyver: Passages (#5.21)" (1990)
[last lines]
MacGyver: Death's not so scary. I don't think it's the end of anything. Its more like just another step along the way.
Pete Thornton: That's a nice thought.
MacGyver: Yeah. Just something my Grandpa taught me.

"MacGyver: Blow Out (#3.10)" (1987)
[last lines]
Nicole 'Nikki' Carpenter: [after truck blows up safely] MacGyver, you could have been... What if that cement truck hadn't of been there?
MacGyver: I'd of gone to Plan B.
Pete Thornton: What was that?
MacGyver: I don't know. Plan A worked.
[Pete sneezes, having caught MacGyver's cold]
MacGyver: Sorry.

"MacGyver: Gold Rush (#4.14)" (1989)
[last lines]
Pete Thornton: You two looked like you were in the middle of something. Don't let me stop you...
MacGyver: No no, that's okay Pete, I was just working on my Russian. But I think the lesson is over.
Natalia Velskaja: Only for now...

"MacGyver: Kill Zone (#3.11)" (1988)
[last lines]
Pete Thornton: [after lab self-destructs] Oh, my God. What a loss.

"MacGyver: Lost Love: Part 2 (#3.2)" (1987)
[last lines]
Pete Thornton: [after shopkeeper demands $7.50 in payment for a Dragon statue] Oh. Sure. I can handle that.
MacGyver: I'd say that's a real bargain.
Pete Thornton: [MacGyver picks out two bills from Pete's wallet] Those are twenty's!
MacGyver: [giving the money to shopkeeper] Keep the change.

"MacGyver: Rock the Cradle (#3.18)" (1988)
[last lines]
MacGyver: [helping Jack, Jr. with a hockey stick] Face off at center ice.
Pete Thornton: All right. Go get 'em, kid.
MacGyver: Shoots... and he scores! Unbelievable! He's wide open! The future of amateur hockey in the United States!

"MacGyver: Final Approach (#2.5)" (1986)
[last lines]
Pete Thornton: Looks to me like they're all going to make it. Nice going, Mac.
MacGyver: Nah, Pete. I had help on this one.
Pete Thornton: So, what's the secret?
MacGyver: I guess you could say they found something worth going for.

"MacGyver: Friends (#2.20)" (1987)
[last lines]
MacGyver: Pete, about that letter of resignation.
Pete Thornton: Yeah?
MacGyver: Got any Scotch tape?... Kidding.

"MacGyver: A Prisoner of Conscience (#1.21)" (1986)
[first lines]
Pete Thornton: What the hell are you doing here?
MacGyver: What do you mean, what am I doing here? You take an emergency leave of absence, grab a Soviet IdD a map of Northern Russia and you split. You didn't even say goodbye to me.
Pete Thornton: What, so you just naturally have to follow me?
MacGyver: Pete, we're friends. If you got troubles, I've got troubles.

"MacGyver: Out in the Cold (#2.16)" (1987)
[last lines]
MacGyver: [after Pete, with two broken legs, 'hints' he could go for some ice cream] I'll go get some.
Pete Thornton: OK. But don't go on my account. Only if you want to.
MacGyver: I am dying to go, Pete. It'll make my day.
Pete Thornton: You know, I hope I don't have to stay here too long. Living with you is no picnic.