Susan Francisco
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Susan Francisco (Character)
from "Alien Nation: Alien Nation (#1.0)" (1989)

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"Alien Nation: Alien Nation (#1.0)" (1989)
[Susan had gone to Emily's school to withdraw her. While waiting for the principal, a black teacher stops to talk to her]
Teacher: Can I talk to you for a minute? I was just thinking when it used to be three kinds of restrooms.
Susan Francisco: Three?
Teacher: Men, women and colored.
Susan Francisco: Really?
Teacher: I'm old enough to have seen them. But things do change, they really do change if you want them to badly enough. I remember this old black woman, Miss Jane Pittman. She used to pass a particular water fountain every day: the white folks' fountain. You know what she did one day? She went right up to it and took a drink.
Teacher: But lord, all hell broke loose when she did. "A nigger took a drink out of the white fountain. A nigger done this, a nigger done that." One became mayor of Los Angeles. One became mayor of Atlanta. Atlanta! And one ran for president. One will be president, someday. But it's hard to take that first drink. It takes lots of courage to be like Miss Jane.
Susan Francisco: At least they weren't afraid she'd turn into an insect.
Teacher: Honey, I can show you people today who still think black people have rabbit blood and Jewish people have horns. You don't look like no cockroach to me. Take a drink.