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Detective Matthew Sikes (Character)
from "Alien Nation" (1989)

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Alien Nation (1988)
[Commenting on a "human" condom]
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: And that fits?
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Well... Yeah, it's rubber. It stretches.
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: And still it fits?

Cassandra: Tell me the truth. Have you ever... made it with one of us?
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: No... unless I got drunk and somebody didn't tell me.
Cassandra: Mmm. A virgin! I find that very arousing. You sure you haven't?
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Um... there's lots of things I haven't done; that's not real high on my list. No... you know... don't take it personally. I'm a bigot.

Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: What is it?
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: Nothing.
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Come on, it's not nothing! When you talked to that coroner with that request it looked like you were about to shit peach pits... and it's not nothing now! Don't lie to me, George, you're real bad at it. That slag in there didn't die from just bullet wounds, am I right? Am I right? Tell me! You tell me and you tell me now. NOW!
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: The drug is called ja-bru-kha. It is a potent narcotic!
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: How potent?
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: More potent than any human drug you can imagine. The controllers regulated it, we would receive small amounts for our work in the mines.
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: You? You were on this shit?
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: Yes! We all were! We were engineered as slave laborers. It was our only means of pleasure allowed! The harder you worked the more you got, the more you got the harder you worked. Thousands of my people died, I lost my best friend. It is a nightmare! I will not let it happen again.
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Ok. You know, it was simple... I mean, all you had to do is tell me. I mean, why couldn't you let me know?
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: Your people don't know about this part of our past and they cannot know it, it would threaten our entire existence here.

[Matt and George are showing each other pictures of their respective children]
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: This is my son, Richard. He's four years old. We named him after your former president, Richard Nixon.
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: [beat] George, from now on, tell people that you named him after the director Richard Burton. Just trust me on this.

Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: [looking at a pistol target] That is pitiful! That is goddamn pitiful! How long you been shootin'? What are you going to do if you catch a perp running out of a liquor store, wave your written exam scores at him?

Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Tell me the joke.
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: Stop me if you have heard it before. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: [coughs uncontrollably] I've heard it.
Det. Samuel 'George' Francisco: It's a good joke.

Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: [Sykes has just cornered Harcourt] Hands Up!
[Harcourt raises his hands, producing a tube of ja-bru-kha]
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: You make one move and you're history.
William Harcourt: Not history... ETERNITY!
[consumes a big dose of the ja-bru-kha]

[after hearing some derisive comments about Sykes partner avoiding the beach]
Det. Sgt. Matthew Sykes: Why don't you try standing next to an ocean of hydrochloric acid and see how well you surf.

"Alien Nation: Partners (#1.15)" (1990)
Detective Matthew Sikes: [Getting George out of the holding cell] What happened to him?
[the man unconscious on the floor]
Detective George Francisco: He came down with a case of the creeps.

"Alien Nation: The Game (#1.9)" (1989)
Detective Matthew Sikes: You're lucky you played the game with George.

"Alien Nation: Three to Tango (#1.8)" (1989)
Detective Matthew Sikes: Albert, just a sec. 700 women? Really?
Albert Einstein: Every year.
Detective Matthew Sikes: Tell me, how do you keep it... How do you keep it going?
Albert Einstein: I eat a lot of raw pancreas.

Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995) (TV)
Detective Matt Sikes: [after driving a vehicle through a fence gate] I love my job.

"Alien Nation: Alien Nation (#1.0)" (1989)
[a group of human Purists have are protesting the admission of a Newcomer student by blocking the school door]
Ms. Purist: They're unnatural. They've already taking too many jobs, our jobs! If we let her in here now, there'll be a hundred more next week.
Protestor: We don't want them mixing with our kids. Their quarantine wasn't long enough. The ACLU got them released too soon. How do we know they're really safe?
Ms. Purist: I say we run them back to Slagtown!
[Matt fires his gun and the crowd falls silent]
Matt: Why stop with running them back to Slagtown, why don't we just kill them?
[fires his gun again]
Matt: Teach them a lesson. Keep them in their place. Keep America pure.
[crowd cheers]
Matt: We don't even need to paint little stars on them to recognize them, do we?
[cheering stops]
Matt: Hell, they'll be easy to round up. Look at them, they stand out even better than the Japs that we threw into concentration camps back in 1942. This will be a piece of cake. And if enough of us get together, it'll almost seem legal, won't it? Put little white pointy sheets on our heads and hang us a few Slags, huh? Let's start with this little one right here.
[takes Emily's hand and winks at her]
Matt: Just 'cause she's an American citizen, that doesn't make her a human being, does it? So what if she's a little brighter than some of our kids? We can beat that out of her. Discourage her enough, she'll give up. So what if she might have come up with a cure for cancer someday? She's not *civilized* like us. So why don't we just put a gun to her head and end it all right here, huh?
[starts offering his gun to the crowd, but no one will take it]
Matt: Come, pull trigger. Come on, take it. Come on!
[to the rally leader]
Matt: How about you, Ms. Purist? I know you want to come pull the trigger. Get down over here! Come on down!
[Ms. Purist doesn't move]
Matt: What, I have to do it myself? Okay.
[cocks the hammer on his gun]
Protestor: No, we don't want her dead. We just want her back where she belongs.
Matt: [uncocks gun's hammer] She belongs *here*.
[holsters his gun and turns to the crowd]
Matt: Aren't you shamed of yourselves?
[faces a black man in the crowd of protestors]
Matt: Aren't *you*?
[the protestors and the teachers come out to meet Matt and Emily]
Matt: Anybody gives this little one any trouble answers to me, got it?
Principal: Yeah, I do.
Matt: [to Emily] You okay?
[Emily nods]
Matt: Good girl. Now, go in there and show them your stuff.
[the teachers take Emily into the school and Matt turns back to the protesters]
Matt: Party's over people. Anybody still here in three minutes will be under arrest for the violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.