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Chief Rotzinger (Character)
from Quick Change (1990)

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Quick Change (1990)
Grimm: [sobbing] The man is an animal! Ripping out phones, urinating on desks... you see what he did to Ms. Cochran's shirt? There's a scratch here, I mean, it's not deep, but... it's there.
Phyllis: It's okay.
Chief Rotzinger: Did he hurt anybody else? Is the strain beginning to show on him?
Grimm: "If I could sleep ten days and nights in a rice paddy, I could certainly last in this lousy bank." This is what the animal said to us! He says to Ms. Cochran here:
[makes humping motions at Phyllis]
Grimm: "Baby! Up your butt with a coconut!" I think he was prepared to do it! Except I saw no coconut. He, uh, he had no coconut to my knowledge.

Chief Rotzinger: Listen, I've had just about enough of your comedy, clown. We're coming in through the plate glass.
Grimm: Alright, I gotta hang-up now, because I gotta go kill everybody.

[last lines]
Chief Rotzinger: [getting into car] Hey, we gotta commend this Skipowski... I mean, Chipowski.
[Rotzinger pops out of car and looks in total disbelief at the plane taking off]

Chief Rotzinger: What's your name pal, what should I call ya?
Grimm: Well, I've always liked the name chip. Would you call me chip?
Chief Rotzinger: Alright. What was that shooting just now, Chip?
Grimm: Oh wait! Call me skip.
Chief Rotzinger: Okay, Skip, what was that shooting?
Grimm: The cameras, I was shooting the cameras. They were looking at me. Quit looking at me!
Grimm: [shoots the camera]

Chief Rotzinger: At least give me the women.
Grimm: Get your own women!

Chief Rotzinger: All we've got going for us is the city. Our only hope is they're mired down in the same shit that you and I have to wade through every day.