Jack Manningham
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Jack Manningham (Character)
from Gaslight (1944)

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The Murder in Thornton Square (1940)
Paul Mallen: The rubies, Bella, give me the rubies.

Paul Mallen: You will die, raving, in an asylum.

Bella Mallen: Why did you ever marry me?
Paul Mallen: When I married you, you were normal, at least I thought you were.

Nancy the Parlour Maid: You want me.
Paul Mallen: And do you want me?
Nancy the Parlour Maid: I've always wanted you.

Paul Mallen: Who are you?
B.G. Rough: Just a figment of your wife's imagination.

Paul Mallen: How did you get in here?
B.G. Rough: Interesting things about us ghosts, we don't have to bother with doors.

Paul Mallen: The knife, Bella, get the knife!
Bella Mallen: [holding the knife] Knife? What knife? Do you see a knife in my hand? Have you gone mad my sane husband?

Paul Mallen: You break into my house and go through my desk!
B.G. Rough: Which both you and I know contains the evidence that you are Louis Barlow.

Gaslight (1944)
Gregory Anton: Jewels are wonderful things. They have a life of their own.

Nancy Oliver: Gonna work on your tunes again tonight, sir? You're always working, aren't you?
Gregory Anton: Yes. What are you doing with your evening out?
Nancy Oliver: Oh, I'm going to a music hall...
[starts to sing 'Up in a balloon']
Gregory Anton: I've never been to an English music hall.
Nancy Oliver: Oh, you don't know what you've missed, sir...
Gregory Anton: And whom are you going to the music hall with?
Nancy Oliver: A gentleman friend, sir.
Gregory Anton: Oh, now you know, Nancy, don't you, that gentlemen friends are sometimes inclined to take liberties with young ladies.
Nancy Oliver: Oh no, sir, not with me. I can take care of myself - when I want to.
Gregory Anton: You know, Nancy, it strikes me that you're not at all the kind of girl that your mistress should have for a housemaid.
Nancy Oliver: [flirtatiously] No, sir? She's not the only one in the house - is she?

Gregory Anton: For the last time, what do you want of me?
Brian Cameron: The jewels - and justice. How does it feel, Bauer, to have planned and killed and tortured for something and then to know it's been for nothing?
Gregory Anton: For nothing?

Gregory Anton: I don't ask you to understand me. Between us all the time were those jewels, like a fire - a fire in my brain that separated us - those jewels which I wanted all my life. I don't know why... Goodbye, Paula.

Gregory Anton: I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were dangerous to me.
Brian Cameron: I knew from the first moment I saw you that you were dangerous to her.

Gregory Anton: You see how it is, Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: I see JUST how it is, sir.