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Ed Carmichael (Character)
from You Can't Take It with You (1938)

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You Can't Take It with You (1938)
Poppins: Why shouldn't Ed print up something about the fireworks and put them in the candy boxes? That would advertise the Revolution, wouldn't it?
Paul Sycamore: Say..."Watch for the Revolution, it's coming soon!" How's that?
Ed Carmichael: "Watch for the Revolution, it's coming soon"? Now I can use my big type.
DePinna: We've got plenty of these red flags, you can write about that.
Ed Carmichael: "The Red Flag will sweep the country, get your Red Flags from Sycamore!"

Wilbur G. Henderson, IRS Agent: [to Martin] Our records show you owe back income tax for 14 years.
Ed Carmichael: Hey wait a minute, mister, that's too far back, that's outlawed ain't it?
Wilbur G. Henderson, IRS Agent: What's your name?
Ed Carmichael: What difference does that make?
Wilbur G. Henderson, IRS Agent: You ever file a tax return?
Ed Carmichael: No sir.
Wilbur G. Henderson, IRS Agent: What was your income last year?
Ed Carmichael: I don't know, about $50, wasn't it, Essie?
Essie Carmichael: I don't know.

Ed Carmichael: Whatcha say there, Donald, boy?
[Throws Donald a book]

Donald: [Walking into a crowded jail cell] Home again!
Boris Kolenkhov: A lot like Siberia, only it stinks!
DePinna: It was fun being fingerprinted, wasn't it?
Ed Carmichael: Mr. Kirby didn't think so. It took three men to hold him down.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Never a dull moment, that's what I say. Never a dull moment.