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Penny Sycamore (Character)
from You Can't Take It with You (1938)

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You Can't Take It with You (1938)
Penny Sycamore: Donald, were you ever in a monastery?
Donald: No, I don't go no place much. I'm on relief.

Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: If it's illegal to manufacture fireworks without a permit, then I guess we're guilty of that too, because we've been doing it a long time.
Penny Sycamore: I don't feel guilty, do you, Essie?
Essie Carmichael: No.

Penny Sycamore: Were you ever in a monestery, Mr. Poppins?
Poppins: In a monastery?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: What's the matter, Penny, stuck?
Penny Sycamore: Yes, I've sort of got myself in the monastery and I can't get out.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: It'll come to you, remember how you got out of that jail.

Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Penny, why don't you write a play about Ism-Mania?
Penny Sycamore: Ism-Mania?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Yeah, sure, you know, Communism, Fascism, Voodooism, everybody's got an -ism these days.
Penny Sycamore: Oh
Penny Sycamore: I thought it was an itch or something.
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: Well, it's just as catching. When things go a little bad nowadays, you go out, get yourself an -ism and you're in business.

Rheba: Why don't you go back to writing your war play, Mrs. Sycamore? I like that one best.
Penny Sycamore: Really, Rheba? Well maybe I will.

Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: This seems very high handed. What's it all about?
Chief Detective: Police Department.
Penny Sycamore: Oh, a J-man!
Grandpa Martin Vanderhoff: G-men, Penny.

"Great Performances: You Can't Take It with You (#13.4)" (1984)
Penny Sycamore: I've got Cynthia just entering the monastery.
Rheba: She was at the Kit Kat Club wasn't she?
Penny Sycamore: Well she gets tired of the Kit Kat Club and there's this monastery so she goes there.
Rheba: Do they let her in?
Penny Sycamore: Yes, I made it Visitor's Day, so of course anybody can come. She comes and she just stays.
Rheba: You mean she stays all night?
Penny Sycamore: Oh yes, she stays six years.
Rheba: Six years? I'll bet she busts that monastery wide open.

Penny Sycamore: You'd think with 1 girl and 40 monks, something would happen.

Penny Sycamore: Rheba, I think I'm going to put this play away for a while and go back to the war play.
Rheba: Oh I always liked that one, the war play! A BOOM! A BOOM!

Penny Sycamore: Don't the graduates get to say anything, Grandpa?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhof: Oh no, they just sit there in their cap and nightgown, have a diploma handed to them and along 40 years from now suddenly say 'where am I?'

Penny Sycamore: [reading from one of her plays] Kenneth, my virginity is a priceless thing to me.

Penny Sycamore: [Gay Wellington is passed out drunk] Do you think she'll be alright, Grandpa?
Grandpa Martin Vanderhof: Yes but I wouldn't cast her in the religious play.