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Ballin Mundson (Character)
from Gilda (1946)

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Gilda (1946)
Ballin Mundson: Gilda, are you decent?
Gilda: Me?
[long pause]
Gilda: Sure. I'm decent.

Gilda: If you're worried about Johnny Farrell, don't be. I hate him!
Ballin Mundson: And he hates you. That's very apparent. But hate can be a very exciting emotion. Very exciting. Haven't you noticed that?
Gilda: You make it s...
Ballin Mundson: There is a heat in it, that one can feel. Didn't you feel it tonight?
Gilda: No.
Ballin Mundson: I did. It warmed me. Hate is the only thing that has ever warmed me.

Ballin Mundson: Quite a surprise to hear a woman sing in my house, eh Johnny?

Ballin Mundson: [referring to his knife cane] It is a most faithful and obedient friend: it is silent when I want it to be silent, but talks when I want to talk.
Johnny Farrell: Is it that your idea of a friend?
Ballin Mundson: That is my idea of a friend.
Johnny Farrell: You must lead a gay life.

Ballin Mundson: Look your best, my beautiful. This will be the casino's first glimpse of you.
[He kisses her]
Gilda: I'll look my very best, Ballin.
[Looks at Johnny]
Gilda: I want all the hired help to approve of me. Glad to have met you, Mr. Farrell.
Ballin Mundson: His name is Johnny, Gilda.
Gilda: Oh, I'm sorry. Johnny is such a hard name to remember and so easy to forget.
[In a breathy voice]
Gilda: Johnny. There. See you later, Mr. Farrell.

Johnny Farrell: I thought we agreed that women and gambling didn't mix.
Ballin Mundson: My wife does not come under the category of women, Johnny.

Ballin Mundson: [toasts] "Disaster to the wench who did wrong by our Johnny"

Johnny Farrell: You're a lucky man.
Ballin Mundson: I make my own luck.

Ballin Mundson: It amuses me to feed you beautiful things, because you eat with such a good appetite.