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Harihar Ray (Character)
from Pather Panchali (1955)

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Pather Panchali (1955)
Harihar Ray: Don't be anxious. Whatever God ordains is for the best.

Harihar Ray: Listen to what I'm writing now: new and original plays and poems. When word gets around, the traveling troupes will come in droves. Where else can they get new material? Original plays don't grow on trees.

Sarbojaya Ray: You'll educate the boy, give him his sacred thread, teach him to worship the gods. Durga will find a good husband. Two meals a day, new clothes twice a year - what more could we want?
Harihar Ray: We'll have all that and more. My ancestors were writers, after all. They left a legacy that can't be ignored. Just wait two years. My debts will be paid off and the house repaired, and you won't have to fix spinach and rice every day! How about that?

Harihar Ray: No matter what people say, Mr. Ray is a good man. Here you are. Three months' wages - 24 rupees. Count it. I'll quickly say my evening prayers.

Harihar Ray: I was collecting rents today when I met a distinguished looking fellow. He suddenly bowed deeply and said, "Sir, you don't know me, but I knew your father well. He often officiated as a priest at my house." "What's your name?" "Mahesh Biswas." "What do you want?" "I have something to ask you." "What?" "My whole family would like to be initiated next month. It would be wonderful if you could officiate." Quite wealthy people.
Sarbojaya Ray: Did you say you'd do it?
Harihar Ray: Are you crazy? Accept right off? They'd think I was hard up.
Sarbojaya Ray: Let them. We are hard up.
Harihar Ray: There could be a scandal if people found out his caste.
Sarbojaya Ray: Who would tell them?
Harihar Ray: You never know. Maybe you. I know how you women are.
Sarbojaya Ray: I'm busy enough without running around telling your business.
Harihar Ray: Don't be angry. The job's not going anywhere. I told him we'd discuss it after the festival. I mustn't seem overeager. Try to manage till then on what I gave you. That should cover clothes for the kids and a shawl for Auntie.

Sarbojaya Ray: Listen - you lived in Benares a long time. Do people know you there?
Harihar Ray: Some certainly do.
Sarbojaya Ray: Isn't there a ghat by the river where priests sing and recite from the scriptures?
Harihar Ray: It's called Dashashamedh Ghat.
Sarbojaya Ray: They earn a lot there, right?
Harihar Ray: I suppose.
Sarbojaya Ray: Then let's go.
Harihar Ray: We can't do that.
Sarbojaya Ray: Why not?
Harihar Ray: How can we? I left there to return here to my ancestral home. I can't go the other direction now.

Harihar Ray: How are you? I take it the children are out running around?

Aparajito (1956)
Sarbojaya Ray: Did you see the monkey outside?
Harihar Ray: Did a monkey get inside?
Sarbojaya Ray: I meant your precious son.

Harihar Ray: We bow before you, Lord Shiva, O peaceful one, O Shambhu, ornamented with the crescent moon and adorned with serpents, you who wield the divine bow and dispel the darkness.

Harihar Ray: O Lord of the world, those devoted to you are the blessed ones. Those who worship you are the holy ones. Those who sing your praises...

Sarbojaya Ray: Did you say something?
Harihar Ray: Water...
Sarbojaya Ray: You want water?
Harihar Ray: Ganges...