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Nick Hopewell (Character)
from "The Langoliers" (1995)

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"The Langoliers: Episode #1.1" (1995)
Craig Toomy: [to Captain Engle] I'm gonna tell *you* what's important. I have a meeting at Boston's Purdential Center this morning at 9:00. Promptly at 9:00. Now,I booked a seat on this conveyance in good faith, and I have no intention of being late for that appointment! Now, I have three questions for you: Number One, who authorized an unscheduled stop for this flight while I was asleep? Number Two, where was that stop made? Number Three, WHY? WHY WAS THAT DONE?
Nick Hopewell: You ever watch Mr. Spock on Star Trek?
Craig Toomy: What the hell are you talking about?
Nick Hopewell: Just that if you don't shut your cake hole, you bloody idiot, I'll be happy to demonstrate his Vulcan sleeper hold for you.
Craig Toomy: Don't you talk to me like that! Do you know who I am?
Nick Hopewell: Of course I do. You're an obnoxious little twerp who likes to hide his fear behind aggression. No harm in that but you *are* in the way.
Craig Toomy: [Craig grabs Nicks shoulder] Listen to me! Listen-...
Bethany Simms: [Nick spins around and grabs Craig by the nose] Whoa, a nose hold!
Nick Hopewell: I can break it! Easiest thing in the world, trust me! I said I could break it! Do you understand? Please signify if you understand.
Craig Toomy: OW!
Nick Hopewell: Now I haven't got time to discuss your business appointments so, I'm going to send you back to your seat with the gentleman in the striped shirt.
Don Gaffney: Uh, Don Gaffney.
Nick Hopewell: Mr. Gaffeny will be your escort. When you arrive in the main cabin you will sit down, strap your seatbelt firmly round your middle, and keep your mouth shut! Do you understand? Please favor me with a thumbs up if you understand.
Craig Toomy: [Craig gives a thumbs up]
Nick Hopewell: Jolly good. Now, I'm going to let go of you and your nose now. When I do, if you so much as utter a word, a syllable, you will be investigating hitherto unexplored realms of pain!
Craig Toomy: [Nick lets Craig go. Craig notices his nose is bleeding. He gives Nick a dirty look] You son of a...
Don Gaffney: [Interrupting Craig] I wouldn't, mister. The guy means it.
Craig Toomy: I'm...
Bethany Simms: [Interrupting Craig] Uh, bad idea.
Don Gaffney: [Mr. Gaffeny escorts Craig back to his seat]