Jack Axel
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Jack Axel (Character)
from Hard to Kill (1990)

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Hard to Kill (1990)
[Posing as a doctor, Axel searches for Storm in the hospital]
Russ: Excuse me, doctor?
Jack Axel: Yes?
Russ: I have to check every one of these upper floors.
Jack Axel: Of course.
Russ: Can I just get your ID please?
Jack Axel: You know, you can't have too much security.

Jack Axel: Sweet dreams.
[kills Felicia Storm]

[Danny sees Russ lying on the floor]
Danny: Russ! Russ! What happened? Doc?
Jack Axel: He's dead.

[Storm has just attacked some of Trent's cohorts]
Jack Axel: [sarcastically] I'm impressed.