Billy Bright
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Billy Bright (Character)
from The Football Factory (2004)

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The Football Factory (2004)
Billy Bright: Don't fuck about, ping him.

Billy Bright: Are you tryin' to mug me off in front of my pals?

Billy Bright: C'mon, *jog on*!

Billy Bright: We'll get the beers safe and then we'll outflank 'em, yeah?

Fred: Don't get lemon Bill, it don't suit ya.
Billy Bright: Spell it, you cunt.
Fred: C-u-n-t, Cunt.
Billy Bright: I meant "lemon", soppy bollocks.

Rod: Let's get out of here Bill, there's six Stoke fans staring right at us.
Billy Bright: Right, which one's staring at me.
Rod: The one with the hat on. Please don't start Bill.
Billy Bright: [pointing at fan] Right see you you cunt, I'll cut you first.