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Kusse-Kurt (Character)
from With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (2004)

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With Blood on My Hands: Pusher II (2004)
Kusse-Kurt: Dude, I just got this new maid in the house, right? A really nice, little cunt. Then last night, I was doing her doggy-style in the bathtub, right? Then suddenly, she slipped in the foam and smacked her teeth on the edge - four teeth out her mouth. Must have hurt like shit, dude.
Tonny: Fuck dude. What the fuck did you do, then?
Kusse-Kurt: Nothing. It didn't mean shit, it was baby teeth.
Tonny: [realizing it's a joke] You're fucking sick, dude.

Kusse-Kurt: [after flushing some cocain down the toilet] Can I get my money back?
Milo: What?
Kusse-Kurt: Can I get my money back?
Milo: Why?
Kusse-Kurt: It was an accident. Give me back my money!
Milo: Kurt... It was your accident, not mine.

Tonny: Can I smash your TV?
Kusse-Kurt: Sure. We'll smash everything.

Tonny: [after shooting Kurt] I'll take the car.
Kusse-Kurt: You're not taking the fucking car! You fucking idiot!